Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mini Project - Paper!

We had an afternoon which we had to make something interesting out of something simple like....... plain, A4, white paper!

We where all split into groups and given a media to work with.

Lucky for us we got a ....... CAMERA !!!!!! wooooo!

Descusing as we picked up the camera and the paper, we where edvised to start outside, on the way we came up with ideas which found to be hard with a single shot, but better with an mini animation.

Before we started we came up with ideas that we could use to make these storys interesting
catergorys where created :

-Origami plains !
-Insects !
-Fortune teller !
- MURDER, but who did it and how did it happen, who knows ??????
-Fortune teller blending in!
- Epic shots of the Janitor mowing the lorn lol
- Fortune teller coming to life and being hungry : 3
- The End xxx

some of my fav photos !

Thursday, 15 September 2011


I found out 3 weeks ago that we has a summer project, (at least it wasn't so last minute)
My project was to explore and investigate my favourite place>

So after a long think and then eliminating the once that could be a possibility leaving me with my Bedroom, which was logic as i have made my room my own, its unique to me, i very much doubt that people have a union jack flag painted on there wall and pillows with the flag.
So anyway may project is about home, i explored my personal thoughts around my home, as well as places i like to go the most in the house and i always ended up in my bedroom where all my favourite DVDs are and where my bed is, my hamster, my clothes, my art equipment, my laptop and everything that has always meant something to me.
So when it came to moving in to my new flat, i really wanted to make it special, personal to me as i made my bedroom back home, it took to car loads but i final got all my stuff over to the halls and unpacked, and now it feels like I'm at home again, .............. sep without the moaning parents!

Lets Start Again!!!!!

A New year so lets start again, and properly this time lol

OK, ....This year, I have moved into halls so i can stay close to uni. I am studying a BA Hon- graphic design at maidstone, and for the next 3 years I'm going to work as harder than I ever have in my life. starting today...... so if I do slack, I give you permission to slap me .... gently 8D