Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Madrid with Julio

Over the last year i have had the pleasure of getting to know a lovely Spanish man, over the year becoming best friend, he invites me to his home in Madrid, to prove to me how beautiful the place is, and he succeeded

Only there for 5 days but it was enough for me to fall in love with the place!!!

 view from his balcony
 train coming into the station, off to the country-side for the day to see the queen and kings of  Spains old private house
 Julio getting his eye-brows waxed jeje
 on a row boat, so much fun !!

 Straight after the Madagascar 3 film in Spanish
 In the lift up to the flat, julio finished his popcorn
the to slanted building 
 julio in front of the Royal Spanish Palace
 MacDonald waterfall
 cable cart ride
 Zoomed in few of Madrid from the distance
 Julio's in my sun glasses 8D
 Way down from the Cable Cart
He just couldn't help his self, bless him, his inner child came out hehe

It was sad i was only there for 5 days, i really did want to stay longer, Madrid is so lovely, everything and everyone were so nice and will happily go bk, and yet Julio loves the UK,  That boys man, doesn't know what hes missing even if it is in front of him xxx