Sunday, 18 March 2012

Design Without Boundaries

Choosing the fold !!!!
After looking at the different fold and then doing a few of them as mock-ups, i also thought about which one would be easiest to be carried around, and less fuss, easy to design but still good enough to be designed on

i found with all of the mock-ups i came up with, all of them where thin but very tall, so it would have to be bent again to be put in most bags, where the Quarter Fold is flat, designed easy, easy access, and can still uptain a good design within it

Design Without Boundaries

Research on the Artists !!!!

Below is what we are to write on the leaflet ! Everything written in Blue has been hand written by me
Everything in black has to be on the leaflet as it is written on here!

Design Museum, Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD

0207 940 8790

Design Without Boundaries

On Fridays, starting in September, the Design Museum is hosting a series of lectures by designers that whose work has made a significant contribution to design.

Advance tickets from: or by telephone: 020 7940 8783

Derek Birdsall Graphic Designer

6.30pm Friday 2nd September

Birdsall’s evolution as a virtuoso book designer is the clearest indication of the principle of transparency that he attaches to design. He is troubled by what he calls the notion of ‘the designer as It’ – as an egocentric expressionist (or Author as current discourse has it) – which is unsatisfying in practice, ephemeral in effect and ultimately even ‘tragic’. The preface to his

2004 book notes on book design – part reflective treatise, part technical manual – introduces

‘simply the decent setting of type and the intelligent layout of pictures based on a rigorous study of content’. This is the organising sensibility of all great graphic designers, who manage to contrive tension and sublimity within the exercise of reason.

i love the old photography look mixed with the printing design, giving it a old look but still quite modern some howl, gives a smooth affect within it

Irma Boom Book Designer

6.30pm Friday 9th September

Many of the most beautiful books to have been designed in recent years are the work of Irma Boom. Born in Lochem, the Netherlands in 1960, Boom has won international acclaim for the iconoclastic beauty of her books. Her most ambitious project to date was a book celebrating the centenary of the Dutch conglomerate SHV in 1996 to which she devoted five years of work.

With this Boom book, it looks massive but in reality its quite small, its interesting, i think, around us 2day we are more interested in the abstract designs !

Droog Design Collective

6.30pm Friday 16th September

Co-founded in 1993 in Amsterdam by the product designer Gijs Bakker and design historian Renny Ramakers, Droog has defined a new approach to design by mixing materials and interacting with the user. They called the collection Droog Design after the Dutch word

‘droog’, which translates into English as ‘dry’ as in the dry wit, or wry, subtle sense of humour that characterised all the pieces they exhibited.

i remember seeing this in london, and thinking this would look brilliant in my room ! where its so different u just want to keep looking at it

Graphic Thought Facility Graphic Designers

6.30pm Friday 23rd September

By defining a distinctive graphic style to a diverse range of projects, Graphic Thought Facility has emerged as one of the UK’s most influential – and productive – graphic design teams. Founded in London in 1990 by Andy Stevens and Paul Neale, GTF now works for such

clients as Habitat, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Design Museum.

The work of GTF is defined less by a distinctive visual language than the rigour with which the designers approach the process of developing and executing graphic projects.

Love the design within this outcome, its like one big light drawing, u have to use ur own opinion to work it out

Hella Jongerius Product Designer

6.30pm Friday 30th September

The Dutch designer works on the cusp of design, craft, art and technology to fuse traditional and contemporary influences, high tech and low tech, the industrial and artisanal.

Standing in the Design Museum Tank on the riverfront was a wooden table laden with food and illuminated by five lamps with ceramic bases and silk shades. On closer inspection it was apparent that the 'food' - a loaf of bread, fish, fowl, sausages and artichokes - was made from hand-blown glass and the lamps were embroidered with images of the animals, inspects and birds printed on the silk. Stranger still, the floor was covered in rich brown soil.

The furniture and book designs are brilliant, well looked into, and thought about !

M/M Graphic Designers

6.30pm Friday 7th October

Through their work as graphic designers and creative directors in the fields of art, fashion and music, Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak have established M/M as a powerful force in contemporary French culture.

After meeting at art school in Paris, Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak founded M/M in 1992. They have sinced worked together as graphic designers and art directors on fashion and art projects mostly for longstanding clients and collaborators – such as the fashion designers Yohji Yamamoto and Martine Sitbon, and the photographers Craig McDean, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

Alought this design and a lot of M/M's designs are quite gothic and dark, there in a sutle way so there not creepy, there designed in a way that u want to know more!

Jonathan Barnbrook Graphic designer

6.30pm Friday 14th October

Barnbrook is one of the UK’s most active graphic designers. Pioneering the notion of graphic design with a social conscience, Barnbrook makes strong statements about corporate culture, consumerism, war and international politics. Working in both commercial and non- commercial spheres, Barnbrook combines originality, wit, political savvy and bitter irony in equal measures.

I love the plain use of fonts, the block style really works within the design

FUEL Graphic Designers

6.30pm Friday 21st October

Combining commissioned work – typically from fashion, music and art clients – with self- initiated projects, the British graphic designers Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell have worked together as FUEL since 1991 from a studio in the Spitalfields area of London.

With this design it has a feel of Swiss Design to it, may not be relevant hut i love the design

Stefan Sagmeister Graphic Designer

6.30pm Friday 28th October

Sagmeister is among today’s most important graphic designers. Born in Austria, he now lives and works in New York. His long-standing collaborators include the AIGA and musicians, David Byrne and Lou Reed. Striking to the point of sensationalism and humorous but in such an unsettling way that it’s nearly, but not quite unacceptable, his work mixes sexuality with wit and a whiff of the sinister.

I have come across Sagmeister before, it takes skill, courage and a proper designer to do what he does with his work, the design where he attally cut into his skin with type, makes me fill a little cold though.

Design Without Boundaries

What Fold to use????

Top Row, Fold 1
With this fold it is a simply, folded in half A3 sheet of paper, withing this i look at the fold and the design would look boring on it, it also really reminds me of a Card so i don't think i will use this one for the design

Top Row, Fold 2
Tri-fold (3-panel roll fold)
This is an average leaflet fold, worst comes to worst i can use this fold but i would like to experiment first before going simple

Top Row, Fold 3
Z-fold (3-panel accordian fold)
i don't no what it is about this fold but it looks really bezare to me, i feel that the leaflet would be made strangly, if i used this i think i would find it strange where the back page would be on the opposite page.

Top Row, Fold 4
4-panel Accordian Fold
The only worries with this is where this is so many folds there will be small spaces for everything on information a picture, so it will look very cramp. but i will look in further to find if it will work

Middle Row , Fold 1
3-panel Gate Fold
i think this would look strange as a leaflet as i can't imagine a good design within this paper fold, feels strange to think of a design

Middle Row, Fold 2
Double Gate Fold
i'm liking the look of this fold, i just have this vision of it all standing up on a table, load inside each other, this would be an interesting design.

Middle Row, Fold 3
Roll Fold
i like the look of this fold, it reminds me of the Swiss Designs, like making that small bend, is like being a being naughty, i think i could easily do a design that would make this visual interesting

Middle Row, Fold 4
Double Parallel Fold
This doesn't look like a leaflet to me, this like the first one on the top row look plain and boring

Bottom Row, Fold 1
Quarter Fold (french Fold)
I have looked a this fold for a long while and have gone from hating it to really liking it, the more i look at it the more i get ideas about the brief withing this fold, this could be the fold for me !!!!

Bottom Row, Fold 2
Map Fold (1 Parallel, 2 night-angle Folds)
this fold looks slightly over worked, there's to much to it, for some reason i find this to confusing to try and get ideas for.

With in these folds i defiantly want to do the Quarter folder, i can easly have a front and a back cover and then information pages then when u flip to the other side theres all the designers and all there information on one page

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Grid Project

Design Ideas
making the document, 200 x 200 mm, columns=4 gutter=4 and Margins = 8
once i got that far i had to get the rulers and pull them down to make the small boxs in the middle and then it was a mater of only letting text go in the boxs not the columns !
We where asked to design 2 outcomes showing the simple grid system using the size 8 helvetica type
we where asked to design one where the font side was changed, which i changed to 30 to make it stand out, see what i could do with the side difference
now i need to deside which onces work and which once work to see which 3 will be my final !

Grid Project

What is a Grid ?????
A framework of spaced bars that are parallel to or cross each other; a grating.

These are examples of Grids with in design
Examples of Grids within art
Examples of Grids in Nature

Grids are designed to separate things into order, allowing space to become visible within the design, leaving you with a look you don't see evey day but is very common a lot in magazine design

Good thing is, where its separated sometimes it makes it more interesting, giving it more apealing to the eye

Bad things is sometimes it can make the design more pattern like, there for to boring and even sometimes not readable as its bezarly designed

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

ONE DAY PROJECT-Trip to Margate

The final 3 pictures of the trip to Margate!

My final picture for the pattern I think the time we spent in the arcade was just so fun the this photo just made me laugh

My final picture for the A4 piece of paper
I think this is the only one the really caught my eye within the paper, the one that didn't just say that it's just in a 4 piece of paper in the photo

My final outcome for a moment in time
I think this picture really works, it's a happy moment in time where we will just thinking of how cold it was a yet we could still put a small faces.

I am proud of my 3 outcomes I think I chose them while from the selection the light gathered today!

ONE DAY PROJECT-Trip to Margate

Photography Project

I have to say on the coach up to Margate, a lot of us were feeling slightly hyper and excited about the museum and is visiting the town. Our tutor gave us the one-day brief, which we were told to read and then go and explore the town and the museum and complete the brief but 3.30 at the coach
our brief was to a photograph 3 images, one being a moment in time, and other being a pattern and the last one being a A4 sheet of paper included in the photo!
arriving at Margate was hard, the weather was cold, damp and very windy, luckily from going to Margate previously, we wrapped up warm for the weather, so we can explore the town freely

it was interesting on the coach because it suddenly dawned on me that our current project is about rates which was exactly what was on the coach seats, so had to take a picture

of the project starts where we have to take a picture of a 4 piece of paper within a picture, straight after beginning this brief reader that sentence, I saw Silka, take a picture of a hand paper crafted boat looking under the sea, this made me smile and for this can be one of the images
another idea was to say where we were, so thought it might be nice to show that within a picture
and then, I just kept looking at the paper and for those 2 flat so I felt I had to do something with the paper to make it standout more visually appealing and I came up with this design from these pictures I need to choose which one shouts the most about paper!

patterns, although I found the pattern is quite fun and I thought quite easily, I found it the hardest as I wanted to make it more interesting, at 1st account this one, which is basically a rock sculpture

Barbie and in Margate with visited the arcades, which was fun, I became interested in this one machine that was selling fake ID in it just dawned on me that it was a pattern and it will make quite a funny pattern for a project, but it definitely summers up the Margate keeps arcade

then the final one I came to was a moment in time, there's 2 ways I looked at this, one being the history side and that other being the moment in time with us being there!

I have been to market before many times, and I have always felt that this clocktower always summers up Margate from me for lunch we all gathered and went the Wetherspoon's, where I sat happily with fish, chips and mushy peas and appoint Guinness!( this was kind running junk, as a friend told me never squeeze a lemon with a fork, always use a knife but it wasn't until I taken the picture and looks that it dawned on me that the picture portrayed shouts Margate)
another moment in time was when a group of us drifted off and went into town, after taking pictures of the architecture around and told them to pose, and they all chose something funny which made the phone to personal and also a moment in time!

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Margate, I could have had better whether, I think in the long run we would have had better outcomes, but I managed to get most 3 images after a lovely trip around the town..... the final 3 pictures will be shown in the next blog status!