Sunday, 18 March 2012

Design Without Boundaries

What Fold to use????

Top Row, Fold 1
With this fold it is a simply, folded in half A3 sheet of paper, withing this i look at the fold and the design would look boring on it, it also really reminds me of a Card so i don't think i will use this one for the design

Top Row, Fold 2
Tri-fold (3-panel roll fold)
This is an average leaflet fold, worst comes to worst i can use this fold but i would like to experiment first before going simple

Top Row, Fold 3
Z-fold (3-panel accordian fold)
i don't no what it is about this fold but it looks really bezare to me, i feel that the leaflet would be made strangly, if i used this i think i would find it strange where the back page would be on the opposite page.

Top Row, Fold 4
4-panel Accordian Fold
The only worries with this is where this is so many folds there will be small spaces for everything on information a picture, so it will look very cramp. but i will look in further to find if it will work

Middle Row , Fold 1
3-panel Gate Fold
i think this would look strange as a leaflet as i can't imagine a good design within this paper fold, feels strange to think of a design

Middle Row, Fold 2
Double Gate Fold
i'm liking the look of this fold, i just have this vision of it all standing up on a table, load inside each other, this would be an interesting design.

Middle Row, Fold 3
Roll Fold
i like the look of this fold, it reminds me of the Swiss Designs, like making that small bend, is like being a being naughty, i think i could easily do a design that would make this visual interesting

Middle Row, Fold 4
Double Parallel Fold
This doesn't look like a leaflet to me, this like the first one on the top row look plain and boring

Bottom Row, Fold 1
Quarter Fold (french Fold)
I have looked a this fold for a long while and have gone from hating it to really liking it, the more i look at it the more i get ideas about the brief withing this fold, this could be the fold for me !!!!

Bottom Row, Fold 2
Map Fold (1 Parallel, 2 night-angle Folds)
this fold looks slightly over worked, there's to much to it, for some reason i find this to confusing to try and get ideas for.

With in these folds i defiantly want to do the Quarter folder, i can easly have a front and a back cover and then information pages then when u flip to the other side theres all the designers and all there information on one page

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