Tuesday, 6 March 2012

ONE DAY PROJECT-Trip to Margate

Photography Project

I have to say on the coach up to Margate, a lot of us were feeling slightly hyper and excited about the museum and is visiting the town. Our tutor gave us the one-day brief, which we were told to read and then go and explore the town and the museum and complete the brief but 3.30 at the coach
our brief was to a photograph 3 images, one being a moment in time, and other being a pattern and the last one being a A4 sheet of paper included in the photo!
arriving at Margate was hard, the weather was cold, damp and very windy, luckily from going to Margate previously, we wrapped up warm for the weather, so we can explore the town freely

it was interesting on the coach because it suddenly dawned on me that our current project is about rates which was exactly what was on the coach seats, so had to take a picture

of the project starts where we have to take a picture of a 4 piece of paper within a picture, straight after beginning this brief reader that sentence, I saw Silka, take a picture of a hand paper crafted boat looking under the sea, this made me smile and for this can be one of the images
another idea was to say where we were, so thought it might be nice to show that within a picture
and then, I just kept looking at the paper and for those 2 flat so I felt I had to do something with the paper to make it standout more visually appealing and I came up with this design from these pictures I need to choose which one shouts the most about paper!

patterns, although I found the pattern is quite fun and I thought quite easily, I found it the hardest as I wanted to make it more interesting, at 1st account this one, which is basically a rock sculpture

Barbie and in Margate with visited the arcades, which was fun, I became interested in this one machine that was selling fake ID in it just dawned on me that it was a pattern and it will make quite a funny pattern for a project, but it definitely summers up the Margate keeps arcade

then the final one I came to was a moment in time, there's 2 ways I looked at this, one being the history side and that other being the moment in time with us being there!

I have been to market before many times, and I have always felt that this clocktower always summers up Margate from me for lunch we all gathered and went the Wetherspoon's, where I sat happily with fish, chips and mushy peas and appoint Guinness!( this was kind running junk, as a friend told me never squeeze a lemon with a fork, always use a knife but it wasn't until I taken the picture and looks that it dawned on me that the picture portrayed shouts Margate)
another moment in time was when a group of us drifted off and went into town, after taking pictures of the architecture around and told them to pose, and they all chose something funny which made the phone to personal and also a moment in time!

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Margate, I could have had better whether, I think in the long run we would have had better outcomes, but I managed to get most 3 images after a lovely trip around the town..... the final 3 pictures will be shown in the next blog status!

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