Wednesday, 17 November 2010

week 3 - 3D

After the first 2 weeks we started carousel where the 3 week
we had 3D which was very exciting its something I've never
done before, or even had the chance to do, i thoroughly enjoyed it
the task was to design something out of paper (and only paper)
with this project i wanted to make it personal, so i came up with
the idea of a book worm because I'm dyslexic, i have always dreamed
of just reading a book after a book

Summer project

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Returning to blogger

we have been asked to keep a diary of the things we do from day to day, so i have decided to keep my blog up and going as well as keeping a journal along with it
this way people can see what I'm doing at my year of Uni, doing a foundation year.

Friday, 18 June 2010

The show

The show had been up since Monday and already loads of people have been to see it,
i really helped put up the show by mounting and cutting loads of the work, cutting out the name tags, getting the room ready, sorting out the rota, to who goes down to the room, to even sitting in the room all day
i really like the show everything is so brilliant presented, where everything is put together with great consideration; its a shame that we are in a small room where everyone can't see us
as well as having a small room with every ones work.
These are the photos showing the layout of the room

Friday, 11 June 2010

Web design

For my web design i created it by looking at website i found interesting when i done the research
i wanted to make my website simple but affective where on each page it was a simple plain black background but had bright, interesting but affective images where it was the first thing you looked at when the page came up

when it came to doing the web it didn't exactly go to plan when it came to designing the work where the buttons had to be on the same part of the page each time, it was difficult as i wanted to put them in different places each time to make it more interesting and to make you look for it.

i had to change it to the same place each time as it made the page orqurd when it came to putting it on flash

this is how my web turned out in the end

This being the home page, this page i designed
to draw you in to my work some of my best work
went on to this page

This page is 'about me' i basically wrote the
important things about me like what i'm doing
what i have learn over the last 2 years

This is my 'work' page, on this page i wanted
to show some of my best work over the last 2 years
V&A, Sequential drawing, FMP( Chelsea Flower Show
watching words move and my packaging project.

This is my contact page showing the ways you can contact me
i really like this page because of the detail on the image
which toke me 3 and a half hours to do.

please let me know how i can make my web more interesting


Monday, 24 May 2010

Chelsea flower show last week

I have really struggled thought out this project where i have enjoyed it but not having a clue where to start or even end. i found i was trying to design a flower which made it complicated so i simplified it where i designed a poster for next years Chelsea Flower Show
so basicly i looked at loads of different artists, old and modern, showing different stlye that would help me get ideas for my project
i found that looking at artists like ~Patrick Calfield (pop artist) influenced me the most where the bold and bright but pastel colours really helped my work to be its best but it was also influenced by other artist.
i came up with a range of thumbnails showing quick ideas, i found it heard to get the quick dodos on photoshop, as what works on paper doesn't necessarily work on a computer.
some of then did work but needed improving this is the one i came up with and improved

i really like this design
it just needed that extra thing,
it want quiet finished and to
the best of its ability

i then improved it to have
move negative space with
the design i really like this
but i know it needed
something more

i then improved these designs and
showed people around my class
they gave me advice to inprove it more
this is what i had right now

i then came up with these 2 which
so far are the best and are being
changed slightly to be my finals
both showing something different
possitive space and negative space

Thursday, 29 April 2010

flowery wallpaper

Going to B&Q yesdturday, I came across the wallpapering section, I have descuved that flowers on wallpaper is very in the fashion at the moment
I looked at a few and they seemed different than the others either from colour or texture or style
Pitures coming soon

Monday, 19 April 2010

Easter Holidays

Over the Easter Holiday i attended the Easter school at UCA, Canterbury.
It was a four day event split into 2 sets of days - day 1 and 2 - 2D, Day 3 and 4 - 3D
On the first day i attended was life drawing, which i was feeling a bit worried about, as i was not very good, but luckily my stuff turned out really good even though they are a bit abstract, throughout the 2 days we experimented in loads of different medias.
All of my outcomes turned out really well, they all really worked with the different medias.
On the 3 and 4th doing 3D i found it more fun than the first 2 days as it was more hands on and experimenting with with something that i had not really done before, over the 2 days it became a challenge and a competition to not brake your egg. with only using paper to protect it, it was harder than i thought it would be.
i enjoyed the Easter school and i hope to go there in September to do a foundation year in Art and Design!!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Artist formy project, Chelsea FLower Show

Looking in an old art book i found out about WENDY SMITH !
Wendy smith specializes in painting, photography and textile she has a famous piece that was shown in 2008 in the 'Bloom and Plumes' in a spotlight exhibition in the NUCLEUS Art Center
THis is her blog or you could check out her website !!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

primary research

Today i have done some primary research by walking into town with a camera, i took pictures of flowers that have just bloomed or have been done un-naturally, like in shops, you have a lovely bunch of flowers which would look lovely in your house but would normally only bloom in the summer. Also i bought some so i could do some drawings from them.
these are some of the pictures i took...

Monday, 22 March 2010


i am to look at different website to get ideas for my web design, i am mainly looking at more illustrated websites,

i found this website i think its pretty cool, i like the way its all a bit rugged and the type looks like its been dun by hand too, also the over laps, and the colour is really bright and stands out, i really like it.

i also found this website, i now this website isn't English but i just like the way is layed out and the way its all 3D

i found this website off of a friend
i really like this website, it leaves you looking at the detailed page, i like the was the type is hand designed

Diarmuid Gavin

As part of my project i am also going to look at gardeners/ designers
i have come up with Diarmuid Gavin, who also attended the Chelsea flower show but in 2008 he came up with a idea that got him a medal.
i have found pictures of the garden and i really like them, it would be something i would have in my garden if it was big enough.

Friday, 19 March 2010


Section 1
For my FMP (Final Major Project) I m going to choose a flower for the 2011, Chelsea Flower Show, in London and then take the flower and create the poster as well as many other advertisements. I hope to design something suitable for the age range as well as producing a design that is catchy and stands out. Once I design the poster I will illustrate other materials to help advertise the Chelsea Flower, such as: leaflets, banners, bags, umbrellas bags tickets badges even bracelets as well as many more.

Section 2

I’m going to start the project researching into the Chelsea Flower Show, looking at the history of the location, and the people who run the show and even the flowers. I’m also going to look into a range of artists, modern and historical to see what would suit my design more such as, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Van Goth, Sue Bartlett, Lucy Orchard, Nick Schlee and even Paul Wright, which all are artist, but use different medias, in their work and for historical artist. On the 26th March I’m going to London to visit the natural history museum the history museum and the science museum and even the V&A, where I’m sure to find really interesting historic artists as well as looking at Georgia O’Keepe and Mrs Delaney, I’m also going to look into Botanical Illustration, which is what the Chelsea flower show use every year. I will also look into Garden designs as these might give me ideas how to present my ideas or even which flowers to use I know already I need to find a flower that’s summery, bright and beautiful, like a rose or a daisy but more interesting, I’m going to ask the public (using a questionnaire) if they have been? I have they heard of the Chelsea Flower show?
I’m going to do research in the LRC, to see if there is any information on the Chelsea Flower Show as well as talking to the Floristry course in the college to get idea on the flowers, which I could use but first and foremost I’m going to contact the Chelsea flower show to see if they have pictures of the current flowers used though out the years as well as looking on the Chelsea flower show website (also creating a bibliography as I go). I have also booked tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show on the 25th May 2010 so I can take loads of pictures and do loads of drawings, as well as even talking to some people doing the Chelsea flower show and even the people that run it ever year!

Section 3

My first stage will be producing an illustration of a flower I will experiment with a range of different medias and even in the way I use the medias, showing different techniques, showing step by step as I go to different medias and especially with medias I have never used before.
I’m going to come up with a time scale so I have everything done by the finishing date:
Week 1 – Paper Work
Week 2 – Research into Chelsea Flower Show (as well as a trip to London for research)
Week 3 – Research into Artists
Week 4 – Experimental Work
Week 5 – Design Ideas
Week 6 – Develop Ideas
Week 7 – Develop Ideas
Week 8 – Final Outcome
Week 9 – Printing Company
Week 10 – Make sure it’s all completed

Section 4
Once my design is completed, I’m going to send it to Chelsea to see what they think of my outcome and to also gain feedback. I am also going to create a daily log to review my project. I will also check with class mates on my project and also to help expand my ideas to make sure my design turn out as well as possible and to the best if my ability. Thought out the project I will also be doing class crit where I will be evaluating peoples work as well as people evaluating mine, peer evaluation, as part of the brief I have to have people look at my project and evaluate it in detail, and along the way I’m going to do a tutors review which my tutor will make shore I’m on the right trace and make shore I now where to go next, as well as giving a advice where to go next. Once I come up with my final I need to research into printing prices, to get my design and my booklet printed. I also need to research into the type of paper and even the size of the booklets.

Monday, 15 March 2010

i have created my design onto
different advertisements to
promote the V&A more
i have just started my FMP (final major project)
i am looking at doing Chelsea flower show, each year they have a new flower and have loads of booklets or information advertising the Chelsea Flower Show.
Im really looking forward to designing the new flower and after that design, the booklet as well as i could design a flier, flag or even a website, i have leaft it so open i could literally design anything for Chelsea Flower Show.
i am slightly worried how its going to turn out but i will have a go.

This is there logo
its going to be hard to design something that stands out and goes with this logo
as the logo is quite old looking as it is aimed at adults.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


My current project is narrative making
which is basically descriptive text that you can imagine from
i basically have to create the images for the text.

i choose to illustrate a kids book called
'Blot and Og's monster party'

to start of project experimenting with media, some thtat i
have used before and a few i haven't,
i used many basic medias
>oil pastels
>different matericals like
-old pair of trousers
-rapping parper, ect.
i also used materical that i had never used before like

these 3 liquesdes when added to certain materials it
leaves an affect that is really good and affective

i created many A3 sheets on the different medias, this
is what i will be using for my final or even designs

when i had it in my mind how i would do it, it would never of turned
out how my final looks, i was aiming for mixed media, which i have
stuck with throughout my project. looking at different artist cultures,
and periods in time, things like Greek myths, dan Fern and aswell as
my artist Charles Fuge and many more.

i have come to the end of my project TOMORROW
so today its just a matter of getting everthing finished and finalised.

these are my images so far

Friday, 26 February 2010

Aimhigher Designs!!!

Live Project

I was asked to take part in the aimhigher design competition where i had to design a poster advertising aiming higher, I choose to do buildings as it was different and not obvious what it is until you read the logo and you now what it is advertising
I designed 2 outcomes where i have kept it very similar where i used different size strips of tissue paper.

Asking a few people about where I could put the slogan me and many others had decided on the bottom right as it made it more legible.
I really like the outcomes, I have 4 because i can't choose which is the better design so i'm going to submit all of them.

whats your favorite design?

please let me now !!!

Monday, 1 February 2010

web design

we have already create a button before, show on blog!
Today i learned how to make the button more detailed
using photoshop and flash
basicly making 2 buttons in photoshop
creating 2 shapes the same and making them slitly different
then then when going in to flash importing them in and making them in to a proper button using the up, over, down, hit states
This is what my button looks like:

Normal state (up)

This is the buttons
i created a up and a over button where
one is its natural state and the other is for
when you hover over it changes

Hover over state (over)

Monday, 25 January 2010

We where asked to experiment with Google search, where using signs like " - + will shorten the results but extend the time.

Functional skills- Google Search

Searching Web host on Google
Search -web hosting
Results 1 - 10 of about 141,000,000 for web hosting with Safesearch on. (0.22 seconds)

Search -"web hosting"
Results 1 - 10 of about 85,900,000 for "web hosting" with Safesearch on. (0.24 seconds)

Search -"web hosting" + business
Results 1 - 10 of about 47,600,000 for "web hosting" + business with Safesearch on. (0.23 seconds)

Searching John Barrowman on Google
Search -john barrowman
Results 1 - 10 of about 528,000 for john barrowman with Safesearch on. (0.28 seconds)

Search -"john barrowman"
Results 1 - 10 of about 513,000 for "john barrowman" with Safesearch on. (0.19 seconds)

Search -"john barrowman" - captain jack
Results 1 - 10 of about 82,200 for "john barrowman" - captain jack with Safesearch on. (0.37 seconds)

Searching driving games on Google
Search - driving
Results 1 - 10 of about 186,000,000 for driving [definition] with Safesearch on. (0.22 seconds)

Search -"driving"
Results 1 - 10 of about 187,000,000 for "driving" [definition] with Safesearch on. (0.10 seconds)

Search -"driving" +games"driving"+%2Bgames&spell=1
Results 1 - 10 of about 49,700,000 for "driving" +games with Safesearch on. (0.14 seconds) ¬

My results turned out that using the symbols helped to narrow down what you wanted but but it took longer to come up becuase it has to do a finer search.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Trip to V&A!!!

On the 15 of January 2010, apart of our project was to go and check out the client. So altogether as a group went to London to visit the V&A.
After the hour and a half bus trip arriving at 11 we met up with Cara, a lady who works with schools and colleges when they attend the museum.
We where all taken through the museum to a room where Cara had prepared a presentation on the V&A, facts and its famous Artwork,
V&A Logo
Only to advertize the work from the V&A
The logo has to be bigger then 10mm and it can't be cropped to the point when you can't see what it says.
The colour of the logo can be any colour sep black
it can't cover a piece of work

Once she had finished we where all told to pr-pear questions, i found most of the questions i had prepared where all answered jourin the presentation, the only one that hadn't been answered was the following - "IS THERE ANYTHING PACIFIC YOU WOULD LIKE ON YOU ADVERTS" she then handed a sheet to us about the logo, the dos and don't.

suddanly i realized this project wasn't going to be as esy as i thought, this project is the one where we do everything by the rules, we when't aloud to to use current ads or photos becuase of Copy Right Laws.

lunch time we where told to check out the Deco exhibition in the V&A but when it came to it the quew was so long, we where told to do something else and we would go back another day and do the exhibition.
so after that we looked aroud the V&A that we where intrested in like the photography, 20 centry and fashion.
(the fashion was the best as i saw the vivion westwood dress but we could not find the vivion westwood platforms)
We then questioned people outside about the V&A about the museum, i really struggled with this as most people didn't want to talk to me. i managed to ask 6 people from a range of places
After we all met up in the room again and we where told that we could go in to the room and look at art work, famours designs over the time.
Roger Dean - Yes Logo, Peter Paul Piech - Political poster, Peter Ayers - poster issued by the Department of the Evironment encouraging seat-belt use, colour offset lithograph 1974, Paul Arden for saatchi and saatchi- advertisement for silk cut cigarettes 1988.
thesse are just some of the master pieces that we saw in the room.

While looking aroud the museum i found a few piece that really intrsted me, one of which is R.Toledo-
this is like his work but it has been mimiked by some one else.
When i searched for him there was nothing.

Another really nice artist was a photography artist called Andrew Bush, which all of his art work is some one in there car, its really good as all the people have funny exsprestions on there faces, and to be honest all of his work look painted.

there is also a link to flickr where it advertises the V&A in posters

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Making a button on Flash

At college we are just starting the Web Design (which I no I'm going to really struggle with, tried it at school, didn't do very well)
On the first d
ay of starting the project every one was show how to do a web button on flash
i really struggled with this and redone this 4 times (not joking)

My step by step how to do
a button

Press Adobe Flash CS4 at your dock
and it brings up the document (to the left)
press Flash File (ActionScript 2.0) (one thats highlighted)

This will bring up a plank page

From this page you can see that it is very similar to Photoshop with the tool bar (The strip on the far right of the image)its also similar in the way as it holds everything in the library so each image, video, button has its own layer so you can have the erigenal image.

Then pick a shape (i picked polystar tool) It will apear on the page, make it to the soze you want and change the colours

Press shift and then click (on the shape)
and go down to the bottom where it says convert to symbol...
and this will bring up a document

like the one below *

first name it something so you now what it is
(if its a home button name it home)
then click on the click down next to type
and select button like show in the image.
then press ok

ok now we have set up our button but it needs text so click on the text button on the text strip, select it and then clip once where you want it on the button

(hello!! used as an example) simply type and it will come out Times New Roman in black, to change it you have to -

From the boring font above
if you change the family to a font that you like
change the size thats suitable
and then change the colour relevant
and this will change it to the image below

this is now it turned out once i added all the information above

This is what it looks like if you add it to the shape
now you have set out the button but you need to properly create it in to a button my making it change

with a button it has 4 changes, up which is its normal state on a web page, then you have over which is when you hovering over it, followed by down, which is when you click on the button its self and that changes slightly, and last of all is hit but that doesn't change.

but to change the button each time you have to go though the process

when you make it a button at the beginning that does the up but now we need to do the over so simply go Insert - timeline and then keyframe (not blank keyframe) and that will change it to over, so you can change it and do the same again for down (go Insert - timeline and then keyframe (not blank keyframe) and then change the colour
last time as when you do it again for hit but this time you do not change the colour, you keep it the same (go Insert - timeline and then keyframe (not blank keyframe)

this is what i came up with:



Down and Hit

and can i say it does achally work !