Friday, 11 June 2010

Web design

For my web design i created it by looking at website i found interesting when i done the research
i wanted to make my website simple but affective where on each page it was a simple plain black background but had bright, interesting but affective images where it was the first thing you looked at when the page came up

when it came to doing the web it didn't exactly go to plan when it came to designing the work where the buttons had to be on the same part of the page each time, it was difficult as i wanted to put them in different places each time to make it more interesting and to make you look for it.

i had to change it to the same place each time as it made the page orqurd when it came to putting it on flash

this is how my web turned out in the end

This being the home page, this page i designed
to draw you in to my work some of my best work
went on to this page

This page is 'about me' i basically wrote the
important things about me like what i'm doing
what i have learn over the last 2 years

This is my 'work' page, on this page i wanted
to show some of my best work over the last 2 years
V&A, Sequential drawing, FMP( Chelsea Flower Show
watching words move and my packaging project.

This is my contact page showing the ways you can contact me
i really like this page because of the detail on the image
which toke me 3 and a half hours to do.

please let me know how i can make my web more interesting


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