Thursday, 24 May 2012


Website is 99% done but the  1% i can't do as its not live on web

All the pages work, as well as the links, the video work on the project, on the influences photography and random arts pages the image gallery works perfectly, all pages are centered, all the same width 960 pixels across , the only link that is missing from below is the blogs link which takes you straight to this blog on my name. 

Home page, even if you click on the footloose box it will take you to the project page where the footloose film is.
 Project page, working film, with info on how i made it at the bottom
 Photography page, click on the image you want and they will enlarge in the center
 Contact me page, i have listed every where someone can contact me from
 Random art, art that i really like that i have done over the last few years, that not necessarily to do with a project.
Influences page, with this page it only shows images, it wouldn't let me write things with the image, i would look into this if i had more time and say y im influenced by these people, books, films, artists. 
About me page, a page that looks at my past present and future. 
So over all i think i would improve a few things like adding text to the images galleys and explain my self more, as well as adding more work from other projects onto the project page, but that's it, in the future, maybe setting this as my taste for the summer, do these improvements and then make it live on web with my domain name.

Title Sequence

Final Film
I remember at the beginning of this project our brief was:


After meeting up with Anna, and having a big discussion on the brief just given we have decided to do our own version of footloose song using small ideas from the new film. Coming up with our own ideas, where we are going to make it slightly  jumpy(ideas from Juno film) to go with the music more, and to help find the beat, so from this and looking at loads of research we both agreed that stop motion would be the way to go, that would be fun and also a challenge for this project .

The plan is to work as a group to get the images cut with a background between us, and then come together, to edit on the computer, using after affects.
The process will be simple yet affective once we put it together.
As discussed to have still images to the background, starting of really plain but then going quite wacky  

So over all for me, I hope to accomplish a title sequence that is not necessarily long and perfect but something that really makes you wanna join in, or make you feel like your there, something like your foots tapping while you smile,  you understand the story, you feel the beat of dance and you wanna dance to it !

Where  now I've finished, i can easily look back and see that i have stuck to the brief, i have stuck with the stop motion even though it proved to be hard, and the cool wacky background, helped enhance the feel of the dancer. I'm proud of it, as it took us a long time but i have to say if i had a little more time i would do more legs and make the music slightly longer but as it was there was just over 300 images that we screen shot, Photoshopped, added a background, changed the name thought bridge, made all JPEG, then put into After Affects to be put all together. 

We picked something that was a challenge and fun and that's what we have achieved !

Monday, 21 May 2012

Title Sequence

After Affect

I have to say, after affects for this project hasn't been as easy as it was when i did the animation project for electives

But so far i have got most of the screen shot pictures in there groups on the page and in the order that looks good. i have found a way to add text to the images as they play so  this will be easy enough to do for the credits but so far the images are all playing to fast, which if i can work out how to pull the bars across at the bottom i will find that it will slow down and wont be suck a rush

i managed to get a copy of the footloose song that we can edit to go with the film 
Fingers crossed it will be turn out ok when we add it to the edited film 

Title Sequence


With the logo, i wanted something that i could change and manipulate and make it fun, but not to similar to the current footloose logos, so i found a type face that gave me the same feeling, as the music does to me.
With this font i have fund the load energy from it, it moving and stretching, growing, feels like its getting loader, where there's more of it, it becomes  more addictive, where finally you just want to dance to it.  (images below is the 1st, 5th and 10th frame) i might play hold the first frame and just before its about to go on to legs, i will show the other frames, make it look like its spreading before going onto legs.

Background Images
After looking at the title sequence and looking at loads of other dances, like line dance, street dancing, and loads others. and from that me, anna, catherine and jake, did different dances in different outfits, which became a lot of fun, and found ourself getting a bit hooked on the fun of it. but from this, me and anna where able to create screen shots from the small films, and cut them out, leaving us to fill something in for the back ground.

 Image of pond at maidstone uni
 Mixture of image, where i collaged the images together and then played with the transparency
 Image of a graffitied electric box, in uca maidstone uni, with this image i will add a filter in photoshop before adding the legs to it
 Wooden fence, with this fence i think it will look better once i add an affect to it
 This is a picture of my garden, back in faversham, i wanted a different background to go with some random legs, saw this part of the garden with the railways and the mushrooms and the pond in the background and it just really interest me to make it the background to the legs
 i saw this and instently thought of catherines legs on this background, it would be like opersits, white shoes with dark jeans on a dark floor with white walls, add an affect to this and it will look pretty cool

Title Sequence

 After looking at the title sequence and looking at loads of other dances, like line dance, street dancing, and loads others. and from that me, Anna, Catherine and Jake, did different dances in different outfits, which became a lot of fun, and found ourself getting a bit hooked on the fun of it. but from this, me and anna where able to create screen shots from the small films, and cut them out, leaving us to fill something in for the back ground. 
 Annas legs, this once was cut out by anna
 Annas legs, cut out in me
 Catherines legs, cut out by anna
 My legs cut out by me
 Jakes Legs, cut out by me
 Jakes legs, cut out by me , and legs below my legs cut out by me

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Web Design

i looked into other websites and looked at the way they where layed out, i decided to try the layout for my website, for the website project

at the beginning i wasn't going to have a logo, just my name, but once i  had finished the layout home page, it needed something to fill in the gap, so i found a heart with growing flowers, blooming from the curls.
This is my layout, every page will have this at the top of the page
Home page, if you are on the page the name will be highlighted in orange 
showing the movie, random art, Influence and about me as well as the heading titles 

 Projects Page - if you click on the title name, it will bring up information about the topic
Blog page - if you click on the button for the blog it will take you straight to the blog 
Photography - pictures of things i thought where call that i have taken 
with this i would like for the images to get bigger as u scrawl over them 

Contact Page - on this page i wanted to show everyway they can contact me, i didn't want to put my fone number down, people might end up prank calling me 
Random art- in this i have shown the enlargement of the image, showing a range of my random art 

Influences page- everything that i find interesting and influencing it will go on this page 

About me page - with this page i wrote a small paragraph about my self about the course and where i want to be in the future hopefuly, simple and to the point  

 Im lucky enough to have dream weaver on my laptop, but sadly i have no idea how to use it, i have done loads of youtube tutorial and spoken to my tutor but still finding it hard to work out. im ready to get started, as these are the designs i want to acheve. Its just if i can do it !!!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Title Sequence

Story Board 

I have to say its not much of a story board, as all the scenes are the same, in each scene will be a new pair of legs (or a new outfit) doing a different dance to the footloose music with the some of the opening credits

The thing thats going to make it different to the original is that this one is going to have, a juno affect to it, im going to take screen shots of the film and and simply draw over them and edit them, and adding a fun background to them so it makes it interesting to look at. I hope to make this long enough that it fits the howl song in there but that will have to be looked into further on in the project depending on how many people do the project (have small proplems getting the team to do the work or even up to the scratch that i am) but fingers crossed, it will go to plan just how i imagened it in my head and rufferly how i put it together on the story board
The credits shown within the new Footloose Title Sequence 

paramount pictures and 
spyglass entrainment presents

A dylan sellers 
zadan/ meron 
weston pictures production

A craig brewer  film

Kenny Wormaid

Julianne Hough

andie MacDowell

Miles Teller

Ray Mckinnon

Patrick John Flueger

Kim Dickens

Costume designer
Laura Jean shannon

Edited by billy fox. A.C.E

Production designer
jon gary steele

Director of Photography
Amelia Vincent  ASC

Executive Producer
Timothy M. Bourne

Executive Producers
Gary Barber
Roger Birnbaum
Jonathan Glickman

Produced by craig Zadan
Neil Meron

produced by
Dylan sellers

produced by
brad weston

story by
dean pitchford

Screenplay by
Dean Pitchford
and craig brewer

Directed by craif brewer 

All of these shown in 1.50 secs  with ruffly 3 seconds for each title !!!!

A lot of these are repeated as most people have multi jobs, but within the title sequence i will be making there is no way we will be able to have all of these as its not going to be this long, as im slowly running out of time!!!

Title Sequence

Mood Board

Though tout this project so far, i have to say i have struggled, i have found that my group are not as far ahead as me, well ... Arron, has not come out of his room since starting the project and as much as i give him a wake up call, still can't make it into uni to help us with our project, and Anna, has great ideas but has no ideas or research to back it up on. So as the group project is a one person group project at present, i wanted to get more ideas by making a Mood Board

throughout this mood board i have looked into things i thought was impotent throughout this title sequence, things like fun, dance, movement, outfits, the feeling you get when you dance, of speed, motion, happyness!!

The other idea within this mood board, Is the hand make affect that we want to do after we have filmed it, one idea that me and anna have had to create the film is adding a juno kinda affect to the title sequence, with the textured look as well

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Title Sequence

Line Dancing

After doing line dancing for many year i picked up the steps, its easy once u know what to do just repeat it. film above is the easy steps to footloose. After you have done this, just repeat!

The steps to footloose -easy !

Left, behind, left, tape. 
right back shuffle 
left back shuffle 
hills out and in twice 
tap with your right foot twice, front then back 
then hill, toe, hill, flick
right, behind, right, tape 
repeat !!!

Image showing front hill point. 

With every dance steps they can be made easier or harder depending on how well you pick it up,
looking at this group showed the harder dance where some of the moments change and they have to do it faster to get into the beat of the footloose music.

Title Sequence

Shoe ideas???
Wanted to look at what shoes we could use for the shouting

 converse - classic shoe, which everyone wants,be good with skinny jeans 

 these are a bit orange, also a bit old, and tired, not very good for something that's sepost to look new and fresh and fun
 My slippers, although they would be good for perhaps the show parts, there a bit to much, these would be a maybe
 One of the only proper shoes i have, all of which can be rolled down for different weather, with stop motion we can roll them down or up to go with the music, giving it a more pause affect, which is what we where looking into doing.
 Cow boy Boots, these are what i used to wear when i did Line Dancing
 My old every day trainers, a bit blue but they make it stand out
 Best trainers, when ever i go anywhere nice these are my trainers to wear, comfy and plan
and my every day shoe to date, this is the lasted shoe, which never leaves my feet, i would be unset if these where not in the film. 

From looking at these shoes, i think it would be good for some of them to be in the title sequence, we are drawing over them so it will be fine anyway they don't have to look perfect.

Title Sequence

Background Ideas ???
With this title sequence we are going to do a stop motion animation of peoples feet dancing, then add a fun affect to the background, bit wacky and strange looking, to make the music most fun! 

the floor 

evening top

plastic bags 


free bags 

every day top 



evening top

bed covers 

Union Jack Flag 

wooden door 
Perhaps with these we can collage them to make them more fun, rather than just a picture. 

As well as a range of  paper which we can collage in with it.