Thursday, 24 May 2012

Title Sequence

Final Film
I remember at the beginning of this project our brief was:


After meeting up with Anna, and having a big discussion on the brief just given we have decided to do our own version of footloose song using small ideas from the new film. Coming up with our own ideas, where we are going to make it slightly  jumpy(ideas from Juno film) to go with the music more, and to help find the beat, so from this and looking at loads of research we both agreed that stop motion would be the way to go, that would be fun and also a challenge for this project .

The plan is to work as a group to get the images cut with a background between us, and then come together, to edit on the computer, using after affects.
The process will be simple yet affective once we put it together.
As discussed to have still images to the background, starting of really plain but then going quite wacky  

So over all for me, I hope to accomplish a title sequence that is not necessarily long and perfect but something that really makes you wanna join in, or make you feel like your there, something like your foots tapping while you smile,  you understand the story, you feel the beat of dance and you wanna dance to it !

Where  now I've finished, i can easily look back and see that i have stuck to the brief, i have stuck with the stop motion even though it proved to be hard, and the cool wacky background, helped enhance the feel of the dancer. I'm proud of it, as it took us a long time but i have to say if i had a little more time i would do more legs and make the music slightly longer but as it was there was just over 300 images that we screen shot, Photoshopped, added a background, changed the name thought bridge, made all JPEG, then put into After Affects to be put all together. 

We picked something that was a challenge and fun and that's what we have achieved !

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