Thursday, 10 May 2012

Web Design

i looked into other websites and looked at the way they where layed out, i decided to try the layout for my website, for the website project

at the beginning i wasn't going to have a logo, just my name, but once i  had finished the layout home page, it needed something to fill in the gap, so i found a heart with growing flowers, blooming from the curls.
This is my layout, every page will have this at the top of the page
Home page, if you are on the page the name will be highlighted in orange 
showing the movie, random art, Influence and about me as well as the heading titles 

 Projects Page - if you click on the title name, it will bring up information about the topic
Blog page - if you click on the button for the blog it will take you straight to the blog 
Photography - pictures of things i thought where call that i have taken 
with this i would like for the images to get bigger as u scrawl over them 

Contact Page - on this page i wanted to show everyway they can contact me, i didn't want to put my fone number down, people might end up prank calling me 
Random art- in this i have shown the enlargement of the image, showing a range of my random art 

Influences page- everything that i find interesting and influencing it will go on this page 

About me page - with this page i wrote a small paragraph about my self about the course and where i want to be in the future hopefuly, simple and to the point  

 Im lucky enough to have dream weaver on my laptop, but sadly i have no idea how to use it, i have done loads of youtube tutorial and spoken to my tutor but still finding it hard to work out. im ready to get started, as these are the designs i want to acheve. Its just if i can do it !!!

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