Monday, 7 May 2012

Title Sequence

Story Board 

I have to say its not much of a story board, as all the scenes are the same, in each scene will be a new pair of legs (or a new outfit) doing a different dance to the footloose music with the some of the opening credits

The thing thats going to make it different to the original is that this one is going to have, a juno affect to it, im going to take screen shots of the film and and simply draw over them and edit them, and adding a fun background to them so it makes it interesting to look at. I hope to make this long enough that it fits the howl song in there but that will have to be looked into further on in the project depending on how many people do the project (have small proplems getting the team to do the work or even up to the scratch that i am) but fingers crossed, it will go to plan just how i imagened it in my head and rufferly how i put it together on the story board

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