Thursday, 24 May 2012


Website is 99% done but the  1% i can't do as its not live on web

All the pages work, as well as the links, the video work on the project, on the influences photography and random arts pages the image gallery works perfectly, all pages are centered, all the same width 960 pixels across , the only link that is missing from below is the blogs link which takes you straight to this blog on my name. 

Home page, even if you click on the footloose box it will take you to the project page where the footloose film is.
 Project page, working film, with info on how i made it at the bottom
 Photography page, click on the image you want and they will enlarge in the center
 Contact me page, i have listed every where someone can contact me from
 Random art, art that i really like that i have done over the last few years, that not necessarily to do with a project.
Influences page, with this page it only shows images, it wouldn't let me write things with the image, i would look into this if i had more time and say y im influenced by these people, books, films, artists. 
About me page, a page that looks at my past present and future. 
So over all i think i would improve a few things like adding text to the images galleys and explain my self more, as well as adding more work from other projects onto the project page, but that's it, in the future, maybe setting this as my taste for the summer, do these improvements and then make it live on web with my domain name.

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