Sunday, 3 June 2012

5 Days in Devon

During my stay at in Devon, we stayed with some friends, which lent me his camera to get used to, as I'm looking into getting one myself 

(the task was to stroke a wild pony, and come away with all my fingers attached) 
Me being silly took the challenge and won the bet

All the way though the maws there are own animals on free land, left to graze and fend for them selfs, horse, sheep, cows left until there needed 
 a group of horses with there fouls, i love this picture, the fouls mouth is comical
 We visited an abbey, where i spent the howl time we where there whispering to my dad saying "dad, that guys wearing a dress, ... dad go ask him, why hes wearing a dress? (hehe)  but the church was amazing, they are working there way over the sandstone bricks and cleaning them, as well as repairing them along the way from the damage.
 While in the church, we were not aloud to take pictures with the flash on, which meant the camera would not focus, but using this to our advantage,  i extended the camera speed and moved a little, giving me this spooky church look
 Over the back of the church the stain glass window, was maid up of coloured glass, which stood out from the wall, and at an angle, gave me this affect, which i like
 another part of the church, there was candles which where in place, to remember someone passed away or someone not so close anymore, there was 100s of these candles brightening up the corner
 Out side the church in the pond were thousands, and i mean thousands of tadpoles, loads of little things swimming round the water.

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