Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Elective : Animation


Finally managed to get my film done, it was an easy, I have spent the whole day trying to add sound to my animation, which wrestled be quite easy from initially dressed quickly recording them placing into after-effects, and is then Bob's your uncle it will be done, but I found it much more complicated as I had to save the movie and then talking to Nina, she explained that we might find it a lot easier to do it in IMovie, which was good as it was, but once I took the movie into IMovie the film wasn't it then in HD widescreen, therefore I found that the edges of my images was cut off, so I had to go back into after-effects change everything slightly to make it more accessible, readable for the film otherwise she would not be happy to read what's going on in the film when it played.

I was really happy with the voicing, I thought was very difficult, there was a few problems where I was going to use my dictaphone and the speakers that I left the battery charger at home rather than having it will be halls, I found an act of my iPhone, luckily, which enabled me to recall the voices of Kerry Brooks on there and then plug in to the computer and be able to transfer the voice onto iMovie, I thought that the voice would be quite effective, Bert from looking at the Bayer I imagined him with Mr Bean sort of voice, so when it played he came across as silly little man, and from looking at the final, it works, I was very grateful for Kerry Brooks to do the voice for me. but where the voice was very silly we both can't look at the film without laughing, I think through the whole project we have worked together with our strengths and weaknesses to get our finals sorted and finished !

although I am thoroughly happy with my outcome if I had more time, or more help at the beginning with the project I would move , with a better outcome. I found with this project that's the help was slacked as none of us had done it before there was little guidance with the project.

although I will not choose animation again, I thoroughly enjoyed the project, I have learnt new things, things that I would take into my graphic design projects, they have opened a new doorway for new ideas.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Elective : Animation - so far!

I'm not going to lie i thought after affects was going to be a lot easier than it actually was, as a Graphic Student, i had never used it before so just been told to try things out i found it very confusing
the starting off settings with slightly difficult and confusing, the screen HD, w width 1280 px by height 720 px, also making sure that it is 25 frames per 2nd and over 3 min long estimated in

I managed to put each scene into a different folder, which allowed me to easily place them into after-effects without any confusion, allow me access to change things as I went along
I wanted to start off with the title of my animation in a boiling effect, I found the boiling affect effective, it really made the workflow market was moving, but unfortunately the fund I allocated, many people found confusing and unreadable, the reason why I have left this in is because after speaking to the tutor and peers in the class, most of them said that if it was unreadable they could read it if they squinted their eyes or if the image slightly smaller, and if it wasn't readable it was still visually appealing to the eye.
The next scene was based on my original idea, which was based on a pattern that grows and then disappears slowly again, I felt that this would not be as strong design for the whole animation, I wanted something nice and loan from, that I could try loads of things with, and have the font to experiment, but I felt the azide tested the passive idea I wanted to put in as well.The story really starts where the bear looks like he's bored he just sits on the shelf all day with the books and does nothing, over 1st stop motion shots I slowly moved his arm to make it look like he was thinking, and the idea was was that I read slowly changing to memories of me and him having a good time together, to make killer like he wanted to be with me rather than the with my parents just sitting on the shelf.

The scene changes and it goes into his mind where he visualises a map and he thinks to himself how he's going to get halls, Sam lives! The strange voice appears in his head saying sneak into the back car when the not looking, which he finds is a perfect idea and then he visualises how to get to Sam in halls.
The next step of his escape is to somehow get off the top shelf of the bookcase, with small amounts of masking tape, I slowly moved him down in a position, that I thought a humans could easily do, making him more lifelike, once I got to the TV I had no grip so the only way he could get to the floor was by dropping, from this I found that it was easier to film him drop and then take screenshots from what had just been filmed, which also gave it a more shaky affect, and more real.Once he had got his bearings back from falling on the floor, he sits up, and moves back to the bookcase gets up and then vanishes….
The next scene is him driving off in the car don't halls, I have to confess this was the hardest scene to animate, I felt that the background is that I was creating wasn't working for the style that I was going for, he was living in a crowded bookcase, and the scene I was looking for was free, green and open. Once I managed to get the background how it should look I then animated a friends car in detail (to make it look like my car driving to halls with him in the back of it) which took me near enough a day to do, and then after that it was the matter of getting the bear to wave before going off into the distance.
The final scenes the bear is when all of a sudden he arrives in the room, it's simple that someone just walks in the room opens the door and he sitting on the side waiting for someone to come.
It's a very simple scene, but I just felt that it needed something happy and simple for the bear to finish off with rather than the really moody and crowded area he was at the startI decided to reverse the pattern that I played at the very beginning to make it feel like the story come to the end, so it starts off with a really busy picture going into a blank white page.

And to finish off the last scene is the crazy inverted font saying the end and animated by Sam Borton, which a lot of people have said is a lot easier to read as the words are all connected to each other making it easier for you to read.

Overall so far I have struggled with the after-effects side of the animation but thoroughly enjoyed making the single images towards it, although it has taken a long time for me to put together I can to get the idea, I have thoroughly learn't from the animation experience

All the things that need to be done now is to add my sound which I am hopefully going to be recording a voice and adding voices to the imagery rather than just playing a song, then making sure that everything is going at the right timing and then simply rendering it out!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Elective : Animation - anamatic

My Animatic

I have to say i have really struggled coming up with the idea, letalone having it done in 2 weeks, i have found this 5 week animation course so far really hard (still learning from it) but after many hours of making small little ideas and speaking to people, i came up with the idea of using my parents anniversary bear, i always said i was going to steal it and take it to halls with me. (poor thing just sits on the shelf all day) so this is the story i was going to say journey but i found it more fun calling it escape, like its the bear running away, i have found a font on dafont.com where i found a font called Namafont, which is a very strange font, its created so u look at the negative rather than the positive of the letters (boiling affect)
During my experiment i started of making a pattern grow, i was going to animate this but found i wanted to do something that i would learn from, i felt like i hadn't accomplished anything from this (stop motion)
so this is when the film really starts and the bear (yet to name him) is sitting on the top shelf of the book case above the tv, and hes thinking away , on what life would be like living with sam in halls, and thinking of memorys between them (stop motion)
thinks about the fun times they shared
suddenly puts his foot down and says hes going to go but how to get there, something speaks to him and says to get into the car when they take sam back to halls, (stop motion)

he leaves the shelf and drops to the floor .....(stop motion)
and then he was gone!(stop motion)you see him wave and then he drive off, on his way to halls (rota scopping)
pattern disapears slowly (stop motion)
then words say the end in Namafont (boiling affect)

boiling affect with "Animated by Sam Borton" in Namafont again

Over all i live the story, i think its going to be a lot of work, i may struggle slightly as i don't know, after affects and final cut pro, but i can get the images done then im half way there!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Elective: Animation

this one is funny, its all about a man and his alarm, where he needs to wake up so he sets loads of alarms to wake him up, cleverly animated,

i can honestly say i do not hate, not even one, of the films or small animations
but i have to say Finding Nemo is my favorite and the gentlemen playing chess with himself as the small animation! brilliant


Its a lady's opinion on life withing adult animation, once animation in mainly called Waking Life, which was filmed the Rotoscoped after frame by frame, its interesting how some frames can be realistic and some are really abstract, i personally think shows the mood of the person but there is no speech in the film so its up to the ardiance to make there own opionion


BRIlLIANT Stop Motion animation, all the way though i was left guessing, with the music there to it kept me interested (knowing now the song goes i could guess when something was going to happen beucase of the increase of imotion withing the song) even though it had a (slightly funny) sad endeding, all the way through the illustrations was clear, so u didn't need speech


A matrix spin off, starts of slow to show that its frame by frame, page by page and then gets faster to show how detailed it is, a black and white design, ii think if it was in colour it wouldn't be as amazing as it looks now !

Brilliant, even though its not done professionally, its all done on a bunch of postetnotes, but the idea is really good, and not bad illustrated either. impressed !!

FLIP BOOK, 2 flip books and a person draws a person in each and they slowly move though, the books get close and they kiss and turn and it looks like they swop over the pages and then the books seporat and they swop sides, and she blows him a kiss and it ends but u see hands all the time so you can see there trying to portray a flip book but the way its draw looks like a animation placed over another one!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Elective: Animation

A friend, kindly put my film 2gether for me, as i've never done it before and not sure what to do, but as a tester this is how it turned out

im very happy with the outcome, it turned out much better than i expected and although its given me ideas, im still very stuck for what to do as a project ????

Elective: Animation

Looking at an old holiday, i came across a film i took, of a train, where it was changing sides,
i managed to stop the film every second or so and take a screen shot, and slowly i managed to make the film come to live, over all i've got 350 frames, with 10 fps , if i had 25 fps it would go to fast and you wouldn't see the detail within the film.

these are just a couple of frames to show now much they move each time

Elective : Animation

i came across this image on a google search on line drawings and i liked it, what if i could draw each frame like this and make it more, this would be brilliant if this would work.

After picking a photo i tried drawing around the image, only using the main lines of the people

but to be honest the picture is good, but the faces are really scary, what ever i did, didn't matter how many times i re-drew it, the faces just kept getting worse, i think its just because its in black and white which makes it worse

so i had an idea where i do the background picture in a filter and then draw over it using the graphics tablet giving it a slight cartoon affect i really like this outcome, it works and i think if i could do this with every frame it would work and it would have a nice touch to it.

(ive never been drunk) i was just thinking about the nite and just remembering a girl that was so drunk, just thinking what she must be like, what she must have been feeling ????

Elective : Animation

i came up with the idea of re-appearing a nice memory, so after finding the image and putting a filter on it, i found it pretty much straight forward to make it appear and making the image form again

Elective : Animation

I came up with the idea of using a single picture, making it appear and disappear over frames
and the idea is that friendship thicken over time

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Elective : Animation

Testing Green Screen

We was being introduced to all the equipment and the boys are going first trying a scene and putting an image behind to make it look like its actually happening