Sunday, 5 February 2012

Elective : Animation

I am interested in the different techniques of animation i really want to try a bit of everything, some are not very populate as others but if i try a bit of everything then i can not go wrong on my experimentation

i have to say the only one i have tried so far and not really enjoyed was green screen, although the outcome looks amazing, the lighting set up and the camera, along with the movement of the people is such a long process, i got bored easily and found it hard to concentrate, i will still keep it in mind if it is relevant to my project i will try my best to have a go but no promises !

Boiling animation, (where u have a picture or a film and u single handle draw over each frame to create a more sketchy effect animation) i could do this on any of my animations, using my graphics tablet, making quick and easy (to a point)

I have found that Stop Motion is very popular, and one of them most easy things to do, simply changing the frame slightly each time and u got ur self an animation, EASY!
(i found this one of YouTube and it just made me smile, its really simple but funny and effective)

As well as, Time Lapse animation, i have also found this quite fun, experimenting on my way to work, just grabbing myself some ideas, (although my ideas are not strong as there either not relevant or not a strong outcome (picture wise) but the ideas are still there processing

over all i would like to do an animation the is more hand crafted, still with photography, but more handcrafted too, i would to avoid film if possible as im not really interested but i do find the stop motion interesting, after doing my first Time Lapse i might find a way of incorporating that too, as well as a bit of boiling will spice it up
i just need to find a subject ??????

After doing some thinking ........ and still struggling, does it have to be relevant, does it have to mean anything, does it really have to have a narrative, if so then i can still make it simple, it would be easier if i could find a subject to animate that i would love to do, instead of something boring ????

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