Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Elective : Animation


Finally managed to get my film done, it was an easy, I have spent the whole day trying to add sound to my animation, which wrestled be quite easy from initially dressed quickly recording them placing into after-effects, and is then Bob's your uncle it will be done, but I found it much more complicated as I had to save the movie and then talking to Nina, she explained that we might find it a lot easier to do it in IMovie, which was good as it was, but once I took the movie into IMovie the film wasn't it then in HD widescreen, therefore I found that the edges of my images was cut off, so I had to go back into after-effects change everything slightly to make it more accessible, readable for the film otherwise she would not be happy to read what's going on in the film when it played.

I was really happy with the voicing, I thought was very difficult, there was a few problems where I was going to use my dictaphone and the speakers that I left the battery charger at home rather than having it will be halls, I found an act of my iPhone, luckily, which enabled me to recall the voices of Kerry Brooks on there and then plug in to the computer and be able to transfer the voice onto iMovie, I thought that the voice would be quite effective, Bert from looking at the Bayer I imagined him with Mr Bean sort of voice, so when it played he came across as silly little man, and from looking at the final, it works, I was very grateful for Kerry Brooks to do the voice for me. but where the voice was very silly we both can't look at the film without laughing, I think through the whole project we have worked together with our strengths and weaknesses to get our finals sorted and finished !

although I am thoroughly happy with my outcome if I had more time, or more help at the beginning with the project I would move , with a better outcome. I found with this project that's the help was slacked as none of us had done it before there was little guidance with the project.

although I will not choose animation again, I thoroughly enjoyed the project, I have learnt new things, things that I would take into my graphic design projects, they have opened a new doorway for new ideas.

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