Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Elective : Animation - anamatic

My Animatic

I have to say i have really struggled coming up with the idea, letalone having it done in 2 weeks, i have found this 5 week animation course so far really hard (still learning from it) but after many hours of making small little ideas and speaking to people, i came up with the idea of using my parents anniversary bear, i always said i was going to steal it and take it to halls with me. (poor thing just sits on the shelf all day) so this is the story i was going to say journey but i found it more fun calling it escape, like its the bear running away, i have found a font on where i found a font called Namafont, which is a very strange font, its created so u look at the negative rather than the positive of the letters (boiling affect)
During my experiment i started of making a pattern grow, i was going to animate this but found i wanted to do something that i would learn from, i felt like i hadn't accomplished anything from this (stop motion)
so this is when the film really starts and the bear (yet to name him) is sitting on the top shelf of the book case above the tv, and hes thinking away , on what life would be like living with sam in halls, and thinking of memorys between them (stop motion)
thinks about the fun times they shared
suddenly puts his foot down and says hes going to go but how to get there, something speaks to him and says to get into the car when they take sam back to halls, (stop motion)

he leaves the shelf and drops to the floor .....(stop motion)
and then he was gone!(stop motion)you see him wave and then he drive off, on his way to halls (rota scopping)
pattern disapears slowly (stop motion)
then words say the end in Namafont (boiling affect)

boiling affect with "Animated by Sam Borton" in Namafont again

Over all i live the story, i think its going to be a lot of work, i may struggle slightly as i don't know, after affects and final cut pro, but i can get the images done then im half way there!

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