Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Elective : Animation

I started this project with an open mind, looking at other peoples work, grabbing ideas and taking notes but as soon as they say " OK. I WAS YOU TO COME UP WITH UR OWN IDEA, DO 5 FRAMES, THEN A NORMAL STORY BOARD, THEN I WANT U TO PUT IT ON A PROGRAM, NUM OF U HAVE USED BEFORE, AND THEN TELL US THEY WANT IT DONE BY MONDAY!"
I think once i heard them say this my mind went blank !

OK so the them is TOPOGRAPHY (AKA, mapping but in a open way)

working in groups, we came up with ideas on what we thought it was, this is what we came up with :
> terrain of a map
>defining an area of its inner core
>map to show its texture
>something simple yet detailed (flatly)
>texture shows in 2D (in a typical map)
>process of things happening - series

but still i have found this hard to come up with an idea for
so i decided to look on YouTube to give me more ideas, which i came across this one recommended by a friend Click Me and discovered i can actually do pretty much anything as long as i make a developing outcome so to speak.
So i need to have a proper think for ideas !!!

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