Thursday, 9 February 2012

Elective: Animation
this one is funny, its all about a man and his alarm, where he needs to wake up so he sets loads of alarms to wake him up, cleverly animated,
i can honestly say i do not hate, not even one, of the films or small animations
but i have to say Finding Nemo is my favorite and the gentlemen playing chess with himself as the small animation! brilliant

Its a lady's opinion on life withing adult animation, once animation in mainly called Waking Life, which was filmed the Rotoscoped after frame by frame, its interesting how some frames can be realistic and some are really abstract, i personally think shows the mood of the person but there is no speech in the film so its up to the ardiance to make there own opionion

BRIlLIANT Stop Motion animation, all the way though i was left guessing, with the music there to it kept me interested (knowing now the song goes i could guess when something was going to happen beucase of the increase of imotion withing the song) even though it had a (slightly funny) sad endeding, all the way through the illustrations was clear, so u didn't need speech

A matrix spin off, starts of slow to show that its frame by frame, page by page and then gets faster to show how detailed it is, a black and white design, ii think if it was in colour it wouldn't be as amazing as it looks now !
Brilliant, even though its not done professionally, its all done on a bunch of postetnotes, but the idea is really good, and not bad illustrated either. impressed !!
FLIP BOOK, 2 flip books and a person draws a person in each and they slowly move though, the books get close and they kiss and turn and it looks like they swop over the pages and then the books seporat and they swop sides, and she blows him a kiss and it ends but u see hands all the time so you can see there trying to portray a flip book but the way its draw looks like a animation placed over another one!

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