Wednesday, 31 March 2010

primary research

Today i have done some primary research by walking into town with a camera, i took pictures of flowers that have just bloomed or have been done un-naturally, like in shops, you have a lovely bunch of flowers which would look lovely in your house but would normally only bloom in the summer. Also i bought some so i could do some drawings from them.
these are some of the pictures i took...

Monday, 22 March 2010


i am to look at different website to get ideas for my web design, i am mainly looking at more illustrated websites,

i found this website i think its pretty cool, i like the way its all a bit rugged and the type looks like its been dun by hand too, also the over laps, and the colour is really bright and stands out, i really like it.

i also found this website, i now this website isn't English but i just like the way is layed out and the way its all 3D

i found this website off of a friend
i really like this website, it leaves you looking at the detailed page, i like the was the type is hand designed

Diarmuid Gavin

As part of my project i am also going to look at gardeners/ designers
i have come up with Diarmuid Gavin, who also attended the Chelsea flower show but in 2008 he came up with a idea that got him a medal.
i have found pictures of the garden and i really like them, it would be something i would have in my garden if it was big enough.

Friday, 19 March 2010


Section 1
For my FMP (Final Major Project) I m going to choose a flower for the 2011, Chelsea Flower Show, in London and then take the flower and create the poster as well as many other advertisements. I hope to design something suitable for the age range as well as producing a design that is catchy and stands out. Once I design the poster I will illustrate other materials to help advertise the Chelsea Flower, such as: leaflets, banners, bags, umbrellas bags tickets badges even bracelets as well as many more.

Section 2

I’m going to start the project researching into the Chelsea Flower Show, looking at the history of the location, and the people who run the show and even the flowers. I’m also going to look into a range of artists, modern and historical to see what would suit my design more such as, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Van Goth, Sue Bartlett, Lucy Orchard, Nick Schlee and even Paul Wright, which all are artist, but use different medias, in their work and for historical artist. On the 26th March I’m going to London to visit the natural history museum the history museum and the science museum and even the V&A, where I’m sure to find really interesting historic artists as well as looking at Georgia O’Keepe and Mrs Delaney, I’m also going to look into Botanical Illustration, which is what the Chelsea flower show use every year. I will also look into Garden designs as these might give me ideas how to present my ideas or even which flowers to use I know already I need to find a flower that’s summery, bright and beautiful, like a rose or a daisy but more interesting, I’m going to ask the public (using a questionnaire) if they have been? I have they heard of the Chelsea Flower show?
I’m going to do research in the LRC, to see if there is any information on the Chelsea Flower Show as well as talking to the Floristry course in the college to get idea on the flowers, which I could use but first and foremost I’m going to contact the Chelsea flower show to see if they have pictures of the current flowers used though out the years as well as looking on the Chelsea flower show website (also creating a bibliography as I go). I have also booked tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show on the 25th May 2010 so I can take loads of pictures and do loads of drawings, as well as even talking to some people doing the Chelsea flower show and even the people that run it ever year!

Section 3

My first stage will be producing an illustration of a flower I will experiment with a range of different medias and even in the way I use the medias, showing different techniques, showing step by step as I go to different medias and especially with medias I have never used before.
I’m going to come up with a time scale so I have everything done by the finishing date:
Week 1 – Paper Work
Week 2 – Research into Chelsea Flower Show (as well as a trip to London for research)
Week 3 – Research into Artists
Week 4 – Experimental Work
Week 5 – Design Ideas
Week 6 – Develop Ideas
Week 7 – Develop Ideas
Week 8 – Final Outcome
Week 9 – Printing Company
Week 10 – Make sure it’s all completed

Section 4
Once my design is completed, I’m going to send it to Chelsea to see what they think of my outcome and to also gain feedback. I am also going to create a daily log to review my project. I will also check with class mates on my project and also to help expand my ideas to make sure my design turn out as well as possible and to the best if my ability. Thought out the project I will also be doing class crit where I will be evaluating peoples work as well as people evaluating mine, peer evaluation, as part of the brief I have to have people look at my project and evaluate it in detail, and along the way I’m going to do a tutors review which my tutor will make shore I’m on the right trace and make shore I now where to go next, as well as giving a advice where to go next. Once I come up with my final I need to research into printing prices, to get my design and my booklet printed. I also need to research into the type of paper and even the size of the booklets.

Monday, 15 March 2010

i have created my design onto
different advertisements to
promote the V&A more
i have just started my FMP (final major project)
i am looking at doing Chelsea flower show, each year they have a new flower and have loads of booklets or information advertising the Chelsea Flower Show.
Im really looking forward to designing the new flower and after that design, the booklet as well as i could design a flier, flag or even a website, i have leaft it so open i could literally design anything for Chelsea Flower Show.
i am slightly worried how its going to turn out but i will have a go.

This is there logo
its going to be hard to design something that stands out and goes with this logo
as the logo is quite old looking as it is aimed at adults.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


My current project is narrative making
which is basically descriptive text that you can imagine from
i basically have to create the images for the text.

i choose to illustrate a kids book called
'Blot and Og's monster party'

to start of project experimenting with media, some thtat i
have used before and a few i haven't,
i used many basic medias
>oil pastels
>different matericals like
-old pair of trousers
-rapping parper, ect.
i also used materical that i had never used before like

these 3 liquesdes when added to certain materials it
leaves an affect that is really good and affective

i created many A3 sheets on the different medias, this
is what i will be using for my final or even designs

when i had it in my mind how i would do it, it would never of turned
out how my final looks, i was aiming for mixed media, which i have
stuck with throughout my project. looking at different artist cultures,
and periods in time, things like Greek myths, dan Fern and aswell as
my artist Charles Fuge and many more.

i have come to the end of my project TOMORROW
so today its just a matter of getting everthing finished and finalised.

these are my images so far