Thursday, 11 March 2010


My current project is narrative making
which is basically descriptive text that you can imagine from
i basically have to create the images for the text.

i choose to illustrate a kids book called
'Blot and Og's monster party'

to start of project experimenting with media, some thtat i
have used before and a few i haven't,
i used many basic medias
>oil pastels
>different matericals like
-old pair of trousers
-rapping parper, ect.
i also used materical that i had never used before like

these 3 liquesdes when added to certain materials it
leaves an affect that is really good and affective

i created many A3 sheets on the different medias, this
is what i will be using for my final or even designs

when i had it in my mind how i would do it, it would never of turned
out how my final looks, i was aiming for mixed media, which i have
stuck with throughout my project. looking at different artist cultures,
and periods in time, things like Greek myths, dan Fern and aswell as
my artist Charles Fuge and many more.

i have come to the end of my project TOMORROW
so today its just a matter of getting everthing finished and finalised.

these are my images so far

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