Monday, 22 March 2010


i am to look at different website to get ideas for my web design, i am mainly looking at more illustrated websites,

i found this website i think its pretty cool, i like the way its all a bit rugged and the type looks like its been dun by hand too, also the over laps, and the colour is really bright and stands out, i really like it.

i also found this website, i now this website isn't English but i just like the way is layed out and the way its all 3D

i found this website off of a friend
i really like this website, it leaves you looking at the detailed page, i like the was the type is hand designed


  1. Oh my, is that an Asian yet not Japanese website I see O_O. But true, I like the sketchy feel of the dfirst website and the simple, rather old fashioned drawing style of the second.

  2. Also good to see your blogging more frequently :). Keep it up ^^