Thursday, 11 October 2012

Homework 2

Rising Seas, the thought of the seas getting ruffer, the noise it, the way it looks like it is making up 

different in opinions !!

 Poetry - Safe and secure, every time naomi sleeps she always ends up in this precision

Hybrid - from the eden project, this is a mixture of to flowers i just felt no words went with this, i used the '(' and ')' beucase it looked like it was bringing them together to make the one plant in the middle !

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Layout ideas from other mags

This front cover, i find is nice, i like the close up, so maybe i can do a close up for the hat for the front cover

i love the left page, small pics in the middle and info around them
the lables her really stand out i really like it, aswell as the collage, i could do this with hats
i like the way the picture just over laps the page
black and white with colour, this could make my magazine look epic
collage of hats, would really work
i love the grid lines for this page, different to the avarge pages you get
this game me an idea for the best hats
horoscope hats !!!!! which is the hat for you and what mood !!
i love this old fashioned looking page, loads of old hats look perfect
i really like the negative space within this piece
background detailed but still a good use of negative space
layouts for the images are nicely over wrapped
talking about the latest fashion, i could do this idea with hats, about the latest hats
slim pics, i like the way it covers only a quarter of the page
i saw this picture, and i had the idea, of having different stype people and then adding a hat to them
i love the right and left aliened type  
i really want to do a circle of the history of hats
i love the test box  overlay the images
love the contrast of the pictures
this page gave me the idea of having famous people, but just the hats, to see if u know which person that hats belong to ?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Letter spacing

we was asked to space the letter in the right place for Helvetica and Garamond, upper case and lower, using a word given to us  

........ i was given the word    ' waive '  ..... this is how i spaced them 

i found this more challenging for the serif fonts as they are strange, random bits sticking out make them hard to place, it could be like an 'i' which is thin and easy until you place it next to a 'v' which is bigger and the top and slim at the bottom, i think i found it best to space them, even though i would normally want to get rid of the awkward spacing 

Monday, 1 October 2012

My Hat Presentation

 I started off by reading this out loud, letting people know what i planned to do with this presentation
 I explained that the first hat was found 70bc(before Christ) where a chief fell into a mash area and then was preserved, wearing his hat
 i looked into the olden day hats, where they would make it out of materials they had them selfs, or from the village that they could swop for something else
 in the 15th Century, it was all about colour, purple was the hardest colour to get, then as time went on the 18th -19th century it was all about hight and pattern, the bigger the better
 then looking with in Religion, Muslim wore Hijah which was worn so only there husband to see there beautiful faces, seeks, because they can not cut there hair, Jewish, its is bad to show your head to god, and nuns where they love no other sep god, they hide them selfs from others
 I found this website where they make hats in second world countries, and it shows step by step what they do
 Then the history of my hat, which the from a slave hat, which is given to them when they was freed from slavery, we just wear it differently
 Summary of what I found out
 all the websites and books I found that helped me do the presentation

My First Postcard on InDesign

We were asked to create a postcard to send to the lecturer by the end of the lesson, this is my final !!!

Shop headings -Spacing within type

there is to much space between the letters, i find it had to read 

where it is joint together, i find it hard to see what it says

The 'f' and 'i' look to big compaired to the 'm'

the beginning 'f' is a different type face to the rest it looks like symbols

Where is stretched you can't read it 

Might just be me but i hate the 'm' here, it looks to big 

the 's' looks out of place, where its smaller, and slanted 

This is vial. where its handmade, and terribly made. it has more space at the beginning and then the massive panic of pushing it all together, making it un-legible and un-readable

You would see this at knight and where its shiny behind it theres more colours that we are seeing making it look like 'opew' 

For some reason the spacing between the 'c' it just looks to much between compared to the rest of the letters