Monday, 1 October 2012

Shop headings -Spacing within type

there is to much space between the letters, i find it had to read 

where it is joint together, i find it hard to see what it says

The 'f' and 'i' look to big compaired to the 'm'

the beginning 'f' is a different type face to the rest it looks like symbols

Where is stretched you can't read it 

Might just be me but i hate the 'm' here, it looks to big 

the 's' looks out of place, where its smaller, and slanted 

This is vial. where its handmade, and terribly made. it has more space at the beginning and then the massive panic of pushing it all together, making it un-legible and un-readable

You would see this at knight and where its shiny behind it theres more colours that we are seeing making it look like 'opew' 

For some reason the spacing between the 'c' it just looks to much between compared to the rest of the letters 

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