Monday, 1 October 2012

My Hat Presentation

 I started off by reading this out loud, letting people know what i planned to do with this presentation
 I explained that the first hat was found 70bc(before Christ) where a chief fell into a mash area and then was preserved, wearing his hat
 i looked into the olden day hats, where they would make it out of materials they had them selfs, or from the village that they could swop for something else
 in the 15th Century, it was all about colour, purple was the hardest colour to get, then as time went on the 18th -19th century it was all about hight and pattern, the bigger the better
 then looking with in Religion, Muslim wore Hijah which was worn so only there husband to see there beautiful faces, seeks, because they can not cut there hair, Jewish, its is bad to show your head to god, and nuns where they love no other sep god, they hide them selfs from others
 I found this website where they make hats in second world countries, and it shows step by step what they do
 Then the history of my hat, which the from a slave hat, which is given to them when they was freed from slavery, we just wear it differently
 Summary of what I found out
 all the websites and books I found that helped me do the presentation

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