Monday, 28 November 2011

New Project -type!

2 typefaces everyone can read!
the 2 i have picked are not plan as i wanted to
show that serif fonts can be legable

Very old fashioned looking , for a serif font,
it is legable and readable, the serifs don’t distal the
typeface like some do!
Its a legable font that i have found is
eligant, and readalbe adding a serif works for this font
making it indivigual and visualy interesting

2 typefaces that can be made big !
these 2 are simple and affective, sanserif fonts
making them uncomplicated to make excremly big !

“Best type-face ever designed”, legable and clear
and uncomplicated! My saying “bad typefaces are everywhere but
good type faces are hidden and are often simple” !
( I love the helvetica video )
Simple typeface, again the simpleness has
made it really affective and legable, perfect for being made big!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Final Cubism Wall

Final Cubism Wall- although it has changed a lot over the last couple of weeks im glad that its pulled through and came up good (although there are a few changes i would make for next time) im glad in the end we worked as a team and got it done as a group !


Final outcome - im very happy with the final outcome, i think it capture the things i set out to design, music and cubism, making it and interesting piece to look at as well as a nice design

just to prove that i haven't gone over the size limitations

designs idea

After doing a lot of drawings of the book cover i narrowed it down to 2 designs as they where the only ones that was going to work, am would be appropriate for my cubist music cover design
this one being one of them, but although it suits the brief its very boring and normal looking, it doesn't have that extra kick to make it look the best !

this is the sizes of the page to prove i haven't gone over the limit size

Logo design to size

After finally finalizing my logo, and making it look good i have planed

i have done the sizes required 25cm wide, 5cm wide and 1cm wide
in my brown logo and black and white logo!

cubism not changing

from seeing this on line (Google Search ) this being all the music notes, i decided to create a cubist notes from the original using the pen tool in illustrator

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Simons Photoshop Lesson

We was shown a few ways that we can work with type and then said make a poster of your choice! HELVETICA IS THE WAY TO GO !

Monday, 14 November 2011

Julio Del Castillo Vivero-photographer

Julio Del Castillo Vivero

Julio Del Castillo Vivero is a Spanish Photographer who is a freelance photography in the UK.

After meeting Julio and getting to know him and his work, I became passionate with his photos in ways that i could use him as a roll model for my photos

This is my version of Julio's work, taking into the account of colour contrast, a point of view (what a person looks at the most) and negative space


1. WHAT IS A SIGN? Using a range of examples of signs, illustrate and explain the difference between straightforward signs(denotation), like road-signs and pictograms, and more complex signs that use metaphors and allusion (connotation) such as some logos and album covers.

2. WHAT IS STYLE? Different styles mean different audiences and different ways of addressing them. Consider how a particular graphic design style (either current or from the past) connects with an audience.

3. WORDS AS IMAGES. Explore some examples of graphic design, where words are used to make pictures, or visually act out the meanings they carry. These examples should come from letterpress and digital printing. Discuss and compare their effects

Theses are the 3 essay questions we can choose from but the proper question is what one to choose. I have read and analyzed them and i have illuminated number 2 as i have done an essay like it before and there for i wouldn't have much research to come up with and to make the essay interesting and challenging.
Speaking to Anne about the essay i brought up the question of "does it have to be relevant to the project we have just done" - Anne replying no but it would make it easyer for you, you have ur project to back up ur essay and the other way round for ur project

But me personally i really ant to do something different to my project to make it a fresh start, to exsplore and learn more things so im more drawn towards the question 3
I may do some research into the question and decide later!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Simon"s Photoshop lesson

Simons Photoshop lesson this week consisted of playing with the levels and exploring what u can change and get away with ! These are just my favourites.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Captain Jack Harkness Coat !

OMG I want this coat, its only £275
..... and the cardboard cut out !!!

Random image finding

what do you see first a man looking at you or a man looking left ?????