Monday, 28 November 2011

New Project -type!

2 typefaces everyone can read!
the 2 i have picked are not plan as i wanted to
show that serif fonts can be legable

Very old fashioned looking , for a serif font,
it is legable and readable, the serifs don’t distal the
typeface like some do!
Its a legable font that i have found is
eligant, and readalbe adding a serif works for this font
making it indivigual and visualy interesting

2 typefaces that can be made big !
these 2 are simple and affective, sanserif fonts
making them uncomplicated to make excremly big !

“Best type-face ever designed”, legable and clear
and uncomplicated! My saying “bad typefaces are everywhere but
good type faces are hidden and are often simple” !
( I love the helvetica video )
Simple typeface, again the simpleness has
made it really affective and legable, perfect for being made big!

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