Monday, 7 May 2012

Title Sequence

Mood Board

Though tout this project so far, i have to say i have struggled, i have found that my group are not as far ahead as me, well ... Arron, has not come out of his room since starting the project and as much as i give him a wake up call, still can't make it into uni to help us with our project, and Anna, has great ideas but has no ideas or research to back it up on. So as the group project is a one person group project at present, i wanted to get more ideas by making a Mood Board

throughout this mood board i have looked into things i thought was impotent throughout this title sequence, things like fun, dance, movement, outfits, the feeling you get when you dance, of speed, motion, happyness!!

The other idea within this mood board, Is the hand make affect that we want to do after we have filmed it, one idea that me and anna have had to create the film is adding a juno kinda affect to the title sequence, with the textured look as well

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