Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Title Sequence

Shoe ideas???
Wanted to look at what shoes we could use for the shouting

 converse - classic shoe, which everyone wants,be good with skinny jeans 

 these are a bit orange, also a bit old, and tired, not very good for something that's sepost to look new and fresh and fun
 My slippers, although they would be good for perhaps the show parts, there a bit to much, these would be a maybe
 One of the only proper shoes i have, all of which can be rolled down for different weather, with stop motion we can roll them down or up to go with the music, giving it a more pause affect, which is what we where looking into doing.
 Cow boy Boots, these are what i used to wear when i did Line Dancing
 My old every day trainers, a bit blue but they make it stand out
 Best trainers, when ever i go anywhere nice these are my trainers to wear, comfy and plan
and my every day shoe to date, this is the lasted shoe, which never leaves my feet, i would be unset if these where not in the film. 

From looking at these shoes, i think it would be good for some of them to be in the title sequence, we are drawing over them so it will be fine anyway they don't have to look perfect.

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