Monday, 21 May 2012

Background Images
After looking at the title sequence and looking at loads of other dances, like line dance, street dancing, and loads others. and from that me, anna, catherine and jake, did different dances in different outfits, which became a lot of fun, and found ourself getting a bit hooked on the fun of it. but from this, me and anna where able to create screen shots from the small films, and cut them out, leaving us to fill something in for the back ground.

 Image of pond at maidstone uni
 Mixture of image, where i collaged the images together and then played with the transparency
 Image of a graffitied electric box, in uca maidstone uni, with this image i will add a filter in photoshop before adding the legs to it
 Wooden fence, with this fence i think it will look better once i add an affect to it
 This is a picture of my garden, back in faversham, i wanted a different background to go with some random legs, saw this part of the garden with the railways and the mushrooms and the pond in the background and it just really interest me to make it the background to the legs
 i saw this and instently thought of catherines legs on this background, it would be like opersits, white shoes with dark jeans on a dark floor with white walls, add an affect to this and it will look pretty cool

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