Monday, 24 May 2010

Chelsea flower show last week

I have really struggled thought out this project where i have enjoyed it but not having a clue where to start or even end. i found i was trying to design a flower which made it complicated so i simplified it where i designed a poster for next years Chelsea Flower Show
so basicly i looked at loads of different artists, old and modern, showing different stlye that would help me get ideas for my project
i found that looking at artists like ~Patrick Calfield (pop artist) influenced me the most where the bold and bright but pastel colours really helped my work to be its best but it was also influenced by other artist.
i came up with a range of thumbnails showing quick ideas, i found it heard to get the quick dodos on photoshop, as what works on paper doesn't necessarily work on a computer.
some of then did work but needed improving this is the one i came up with and improved

i really like this design
it just needed that extra thing,
it want quiet finished and to
the best of its ability

i then improved it to have
move negative space with
the design i really like this
but i know it needed
something more

i then improved these designs and
showed people around my class
they gave me advice to inprove it more
this is what i had right now

i then came up with these 2 which
so far are the best and are being
changed slightly to be my finals
both showing something different
possitive space and negative space


  1. I like the third one the most. I think that the bottom one, the yellow is too much! I think the two different types is a bit wierd..I really like the first design as well and like the way you have designed the flowers. :D xx

  2. The first and second ones are great :D. And The yllow one true it too much. The yellow is waaay too bright. the 3rd one is good to :). Good to see you're comming to a closure roughly with this :)

  3. thanks but which one would you like to see as a final

  4. Hmmmmmm I'm not sure, maybe the first or the second one....Tom and I say the first one

  5. Godwin said number 2 is his favourite though he said number 1 looks more professional

  6. thank you so much
    u have helped me so much

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