Monday, 18 January 2010

Trip to V&A!!!

On the 15 of January 2010, apart of our project was to go and check out the client. So altogether as a group went to London to visit the V&A.
After the hour and a half bus trip arriving at 11 we met up with Cara, a lady who works with schools and colleges when they attend the museum.
We where all taken through the museum to a room where Cara had prepared a presentation on the V&A, facts and its famous Artwork,
V&A Logo
Only to advertize the work from the V&A
The logo has to be bigger then 10mm and it can't be cropped to the point when you can't see what it says.
The colour of the logo can be any colour sep black
it can't cover a piece of work

Once she had finished we where all told to pr-pear questions, i found most of the questions i had prepared where all answered jourin the presentation, the only one that hadn't been answered was the following - "IS THERE ANYTHING PACIFIC YOU WOULD LIKE ON YOU ADVERTS" she then handed a sheet to us about the logo, the dos and don't.

suddanly i realized this project wasn't going to be as esy as i thought, this project is the one where we do everything by the rules, we when't aloud to to use current ads or photos becuase of Copy Right Laws.

lunch time we where told to check out the Deco exhibition in the V&A but when it came to it the quew was so long, we where told to do something else and we would go back another day and do the exhibition.
so after that we looked aroud the V&A that we where intrested in like the photography, 20 centry and fashion.
(the fashion was the best as i saw the vivion westwood dress but we could not find the vivion westwood platforms)
We then questioned people outside about the V&A about the museum, i really struggled with this as most people didn't want to talk to me. i managed to ask 6 people from a range of places
After we all met up in the room again and we where told that we could go in to the room and look at art work, famours designs over the time.
Roger Dean - Yes Logo, Peter Paul Piech - Political poster, Peter Ayers - poster issued by the Department of the Evironment encouraging seat-belt use, colour offset lithograph 1974, Paul Arden for saatchi and saatchi- advertisement for silk cut cigarettes 1988.
thesse are just some of the master pieces that we saw in the room.

While looking aroud the museum i found a few piece that really intrsted me, one of which is R.Toledo-
this is like his work but it has been mimiked by some one else.
When i searched for him there was nothing.

Another really nice artist was a photography artist called Andrew Bush, which all of his art work is some one in there car, its really good as all the people have funny exsprestions on there faces, and to be honest all of his work look painted.

there is also a link to flickr where it advertises the V&A in posters

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