Monday, 4 January 2010

flash websiters

we where asked to look at different flash websites

this is one website that i found strange but strange but interesting
its really enticing in the way that you can't stop watching u just want
to carry on watching the banana

even when
its loading i
couldn't stop

This is another website that i found, its selling cars, its really
interesting the use of colours on this page is very well done as
its not over the top, it uses purples, blues and greens so its
opposite colours that go

This next website is created for children, its called 'rabbits
go home', when you you enter this website it it all jumps out
at you, its very bright and cartooned page, its got a very
animated rabbit that squeaks, its like its made a comic
book in 3D.

This website below called spectre performance, you can tell
straight away that this website it designed for young male, you
look at this page and it looks like the cars are racing, if u turn
the sound up when entering this page and you can hear cars reeving

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