Tuesday, 5 January 2010

'The V&A museum!

One of my new projects is to create a poster as well as many other advertisements to promote 'The Victoria and Albert Museum. I am to design it in a way that it stands out to people of the age 11-19 years of age.

Before i start this project i would like to now more about 'The V&A', and before i go up and visit the museum on the 15th of January.
This is what i found out about the museum:
The Victoria and Albert Museum was first founded in 1852, following the enormous success of the Great Exhibition the previous year. profits from the Exhibition were used to establish the new institution, exhibits were purchased to form the basis of its collections and Henry Cole, one of the masterminds of the 1851 event.
The V&A turned out to be one of the greatest museums of decorative art in the world. Its collections of ceramics, glass, textiles, dress, silver, ironwork, jewellery furniture, sculpture, paintings, prints, and photographs span the culture of Europe, North America, Asia, and North Africa, times from ancient times to present day.
The Museum of manufactures, as it was initially called, aimed to make works of art available to inspire British designers and manufactures. The first home of Museum was in 1857 it moved to its present site and was renamed 'The South Kensington Museum. The Museum expanded rapidly and in 1899 Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone of a new building designed to give the Museum a grand facade. To mark the occasion it was renamed The Victoria and Albert Museum, in memory of the enthusiastic support Prince Albert gave to its foundation. The new building, by Aston Webb, was opened in 1909 and is today the familiar exterior of the Museum.
Throughout the 20th and into the 21st century the collects have continued to grow and the Museum has constantly sought new in the main entrance of the Museum. The V&A rotunda chandelier is by Dale Chihuly (b.1941), one of the most celebrated artists working in glass today. it is one of a series of such works begun in 1992. Based in Seattle, Chihuly draws on the historic techniques of the murano glass works Venice. He and his large team of assistants work in blown glass, in the most extravagant manner and richest of colours, to create dazzling sculptural statements.
Artists like Dale Chihuly and many others present there art work at the V&A!
The V&A website is http://www.vam.ac.uk/

This is the piece of art that hangs
in the front entrance by Dale Chahuly
Even from a small picture you can tell that this glass sculpture is truly amazing.

(information found on the website and in the
V&A, A Hundred Highlights, guide)

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