Thursday, 24 March 2011


I had started this project doing a journal but recently left it on the bus and after asking the bus station office they hadn’t handed it in to because of that I am going to restart a journal that can’t be lost

Summary of what I’ve done so far

I have researched into artists such as Robert Ingpen, Christina Balit Martin O’Neil Jason Polan as well as David Carson and a student Dutte Winkelman

I have also done a range of drawing, which in some places hasn’t been so successful

I started of by going to my local rubbish dump, and asked if I could draw and take a few pictures of the electrical equipment, but I was escorted of the primroses saying I need permission before I do anything, so I sent a letter to Swale Borough Council and am still waiting for a reply to go draw, worse comes to works I will make my own rubbish pile. I also tried Currys, which I soon got chucked out for drawing.

I have also been drawing my kitchen with all my electrical equipment as well and attempting to make characters from that. I have also been

For inspiration have been looking at other kids books, like books I used to read as a child and even contumacy ones of today, I have been asking kids at my local brownies and a few others which I actionably help out at. I have also looked at a few films the main one being ‘Toy Story’, where the idea of toys coming to life, (impossible) I imagined the same idea for my electrical equipment, when people aren’t looking they come to life, they don’t need an energy source really.

I been experimenting with different materials and medias, working out if they work or not, I have finished my inductions so I’m all set in all the print rooms and various other places

The main thing for me to do know is to start putting the story together to and developing that so I can get the whole project together in time.

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