Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cubism Project

After sitting down as a group and talking about our own ideas, we soon came up with a design with a range of all our ideas together we had 2 walls to work with and above our heads too

IMAGE ABOVE-all we had to start of with was a red straight line on one wall, which we all agreed we wanted to distal and make cubist looking. In the middle of the line we are sticking a 3D shape which you will have to look inside it to read a cubist quote (quote found when we did our presentation on cubism). below that there will be loads of cubist shapes (3D) made out of mesh and painted in muddy earthy colours, above will be a guitar in a cubist style and a cube is a detailed way, if u look at it straight on it will be fine but if you look at it at an angle it will be distilledIMAGE ABOVE -And on the other wall we have a font saying cubism out of paper leaflets holders and all around it we have distalled images so they just look like nothing in a cubist way, but when you look close you will realize they are loads of random images.

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