Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Entrys on YOUTUBE

while looking at the history of type, i came to think what do people of every day think about type, how do they use it, even more, how do they use it to describe things.
so i thought youtube, ever one puts videos on youtube
i found 2 entries about typography, both using type to explain things

V for Vendetta
In this youtube entry i found that it was all type, watching it, when V talks the highs and lows of his voice is shown in the text, like when he laughs the words 'ha' jumps and rotates, so his voice goes higher then lower.
and if ur using a scared voice the text is small and if ur shouting more the text is big.
watch it and u will see.
V for Vendetta

where hes describing himslef
words are getting bigger and
the old sentance is the paler
text to the left of the screen
shot and the curent text is in

The other entry was called
social life with friends (kinetic typography)
This entry is based on a poem whitch talks about the fact that you can only do one thing at once with other things. When you whach the type move you can see that the fonts change when hes talking about a different subject and it also uses the type for images, like when the poem is talking about time the poem talks and the word are inprinted on to this basic clock out line, with the on of the head clicking and its sayign times going by.

this is a screen shot of the clock
where the words are rushing on
but the clock is still ticking and
passing on!!!!

Between the two you can tell they both have things in commen, they both use type in the same way, as some one talk the words type and repet, they also use the font size and punchuation to choose the mood but they have different meaning, V for Vendetta
is about a mad man that is explaining him self to a lady that scared, so while shes scared and the font is small and simple and stays staying up right, while the man is load and using big and exsplianing words, which are confusing, and it shows it on the page, the words twist and and get bigger, some times they go right to left, instead of left to right and bottom to top instead of top to bottom. its wild and wakey and it shows it by the text!!!!!!!!
where social life with friends (kinetic typography) is for exsplaining the poem and not the way the man is saying it, its used more to help describe the poem, in this entry it uses a lot more of differnet typefaces.

Both very different but simula at the same time

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