Monday, 12 October 2009


i have designed different typefaces for my typography project.
i had designed loads of different fonts, from just drawing then by hand with pencil pen and other materials, I've also gone on illustrator and designed fonts by computer where i have a font and then i create an out line around the text which allows me to to edit the font.
i have just tried creating a font using objects, the class as a howl, we all chose different objects
i chose Comdoms simply becuase no one else did and i though it would be a good idea to make type out of Comdoms, when it came to doing the type it was a lot harder, becuase i couldn't get the right shape out of it. But once i had sone them i made them black and white whick made it easyer because it didn't shout out what they where but it made it fight in with the book sex and typography.


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