Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The HND Course Graphic Design

I have resonantly found the picture to the HND
course for Graphic Design, (last years students)
when i viewed the exhibition which was presented
by the student on the HND Course
while i was looking
at there final outcomes, you could really see the
designs they had come up with where extraordinary,
they had designs things that where based from a
design and yet they are on a 3D object like trainers.
These are some of the student work that really
interested me

This is a poster advertising Wagamama's,

which are basically clean, fresh chines food
cooked then and there.when I look at this
poster it makes it look friesh and exsiting
I really like the wave are designed full of
lines with different of blues, its got that
ethnic feel to it in the design as well as
making it looking different and unique

These simple plimsales are really
made affective with the simple
yet complicated hand designed
pen drawing, the plimsales are a
final i think is a brilliant design,
i really think people would love
this design and would buy them.


These 2 final outcomes are from the same artist,
i really like the outcomes, i like the drawings that
are different, they
remind me of the animated film '
Robots' in the style they are drawn and with the
colours they use.

I really like this 70's - 80'sfont design using
fecords, with the look of the records

of the design on the typefaces it makes it
look aged, like it was designed in the past

The Exhibition was a grate success for me in
a way it proved to me that u don't have to
just design posters and book covers you can also
design designs for 3D objects as well,
its also tout me that old can be new and that its
how you present your outcomes that
makes it look profetional and stylalized.

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