Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Packaging project

when i started this project i thought it would easy as we where choosing our own product to redesign, choosing KRISPY KREMES wasn't a good idea as i havn't got a clue on how to re design it but i will have a go...

i have so far done all my research in to the company and the packaging side of things, I've also looked in to the history, of both KRISPY KREMES and packaging, aswell as recycling as it requires it in the brief.

my next step is to look at artists, i was thinking that becuase of KRISPY KREMES being basted about the 1950 (diner style) so i have desided to look at Rockwell, very detailed and very talanted man, he shows people in reality but makes it funny in a way, when u look at his paintings, all of the charicters eyes have so much caricture and feel.

You look at the packaging for KRISPY KREMES and you can also see that all of the packaging is dots, there is only one artist that does dots in his work and that is roy lichtenstein, im going to study his work and perhaps design the KRISPY KREME packaging on his work

(more coming soon)

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