Thursday, 26 July 2012

Summer Project

After a big mistake of putting Catherine's hair dye all over the wall, and after telling my boss, shes kindly let me do what i want 8D
 Wall with hair dye
 After i had panicked and painted over it with gouache
 the wall as was before
 After one coat of white matt paint
The Big Start !!!!

My summer project, my plan is to doodle all over the wall, giving it a feature look, so my aim is to do about an hour a day if i can fit it in around work to draw on the wall, this is also going to be a small challenge for me as I'm used to filling A4 sheets of paper with my doodles, this will certainly keep me entertained until the 2 months until we go bk to uni 8D fingers crossed it looks good in the end !!!!

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