Thursday, 12 January 2012

final Idea

After experimenting with this quote "be dirty" i have really fell in love with the artwork of , David Carson. Mainly one picture (Image show below) There is something about this image that i find so interesting, It is designed to make a purpose, with the negative space you are forced to look at the type, there is just enough to keep u looking and interested.
Without looking at the type and what it says. The black and white look, i feel like i have to look at it, i love the way you can't quite read the background yet you don't need to, because you know what it says.

Looking at David Carson's work, i have come up with my own idea within his. i really wanted to make mine over the top, to much, but still with the negative space left in. but just not so much that the negative space take over the type Once it was all laid out how i wanted and what looked best, i had to finalised the place of the the white font "BE DIRTY" Ideally i want it in a place where they have to look for it, but not to much, so i have tried out a few places where it could work and then asked peoples opinion!

Bottom Right
Top RightCentered Bottom Left

After everyones opinion, most peoples say they liked the bottom right because of the flow of the design and because its not the first thing you look at, you left guessing till you find it looking at my design, and listening to the opinions, and found that i agree with that they said
i think i also like it because some of the type in the background is left readable and and bigger than the white font, in some ways makes it stand out more, so don't have to look at the white font first to understand what its saying.
I like the way i have left it open for opinion, whether u think "be dirty" in a flirty, playful way or in a "Be Dirty" messy way

how you take the "Be Dirty" quote is up to you !

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