Monday, 9 January 2012

Task 4 type project

Task 4 - for this project we was asked to just place type in a box (only using black and white)
i came up with a range of ideas but they all seamed boring or not interesting because of the boring type

i got the ides of having negative space around the outside, but i wanted people to look at something

i tried putting them all together but then it looked like a list which is what i wanted to avoid
i wanted to distal the type make it look fun so i tried putting diagonally
or changing the way the list was looked at making the text look a lot more bulkier
but some how i love the side angle affect so i'm trying to change it more
my final outcome
i found i was draw toward the corner, and it had to be the bottom left corner, so after playing with the type and making it all fit in perfectly. once i had finished placing i didn't want to move it, i fell in love with the layout and didn't want to change it
im happy with this outcome!

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