Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Franks Packaging project

Although this started out as a group project it had to change to a personal project as people didn't turn up to the next lesson so this is my packaging

I started of drawing the packaging, (not easy, this was the hardest part of the howl design) if this wasn't right this wouldn't fold into a proper piece of packaging
with all the guidelines it was hard to keep track with which line goes to what part, but once i had done one side i could just flip it and group it all together
once i had finished the outline i needed to find picture to make the packaging shout out to customers, i looked into 'Birds Eye' and a few other fish products and they always show the dish with a nice landscape in the back. As mines fish and chips i decided to go with a sea background
i found this picture, i chose it as it was fresh looking and it looked top range, suitable for my product
i then thought of copy right and photoshoped both picture together to make one, making the image my own work
once i had done the images for the packaging, i had to make all the small pieces that completes the packaging, i used illustrator to create this affect, using shapes and text
i created the barcode by hand by counting the lines of another and making lines on illustrator and making them different thicknesses, it turned out pretty well
once i was finished the back of the packaging looked like this, i found that all i had to do is place it in the spot on the packaging, along with the other little bit i designed with it my final before printing, most of the type is is between size 4 t0 12 with the title being as big as 26, i found this packaging a challenge, i think that's why i enjoyed it and the hours put in was between 8 -9 hours over 2 days. im glad its finished though, i feel like i have achieved something, where others left it, i finished !!!!

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