Monday, 9 April 2012

Leaflet project

Final 3 Designs

Design 1 -So from the final 3 designs being picked i wanted to start again a replace it perfectly, exactly where i wanted it.....
After placing the type where i wanted it, the images where slightly more diffcult to place, i found it was not about them all being in a straight line it was just about fitting them all in, in a way i like the rapidness where there not all in line.
But is this design boring still, i know the Swiss Design is simple but is this simple and a bit boring ????

Design 2 - I again stripped the design to its basic form ...
placing the type in and made the type, properly left or right alined, which ment i didn't have (-) at the end of half the word, with the est underneath the line. Adding the images was hard for this design until i thought about just putting them at the bottom, this also ment i could put all the images in, and they where in the column was in the right text.
i do like this design but where there is so many colours, i feel that it has developed to far, although i like it, i think i have gone off the path of Swiss Design?????
Design 3- With this design i found was most fun, starting of again by stripping of text
i found when i came to putting the text in again, was a matter of making the text slightly smaller so i could fit the text into the small boxs, and so i could fit the images in properly. i couldn't fit all the images in but i also thought it didn't need an image for each artist description
i found once i added the images in i fell in love with this design.

There are pros and cons for each design, so from this i can't pick a final i need to create the other side of it to make it into a leaflet, instead of a poster which is what is it at the moment.

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