Monday, 9 April 2012

Leaflet project

After the first half of this project working with grids and Swiss Design, i felt i never got the full interest withing the Swiss Design, i felt that i really wanted to carry it on, from going to creating layouts that where interesting that we had to work out and make interesting, just to make a leaflet, which in my opinion have always found boring, they have simple structure, nothing that really grabs you to read it

hopefully within my research i will be able to come up with a design, unlike normal leaflet and make something interesting, something u will want to pick up, and read because it looks interesting.

Within Swiss Design, lies many talented designer, But a few have really court my eye:

-Max Miedinger was a swiss typeface designer, he was famous for creating Helvetica in 1957. Marketed as a symbol of cutting edge swiss technology, even in today's society within graphic design we use helvetica and respect it as a typeface.
I'm not going to be the last person to say it but Helvetica is a magical typeface and my personal favorite, i have found thought out the years of studying gtraphic design, that my work always falls back to Helvetica!

-Le Corbusier, was widely acclaimed as the most influential of the 20th century, was also a celebrated thinker, writer and artist. His architecture and radical ideas for reinventing modern living, from private villas to large-scale social housing to utopian urban plans, still resonate today.
I came across Le Corbusier work, and i became interested on how much it was influenced by Swiss Design, the one thing i understand within Swiss Design is that they work within simple shapes, making in simple but still visually interesting, all that is used here is circles, squares and rectangles.

-Josef Muller-Brockman, was a swiss designer and teacher,throughout out his years he studied architecture, design and history of art, exhibition design and photography. In 1966 he was appointed European design consultant of IBM. He was well known for his simple design, clear use of typography, shapes and colour, which inspired many of the 21st century.
When i was looking for the the first project i came across Muller-Brockman, which i found worked within grids and shapes, very much like we where asked to do. i found his work very interesting, i will be inspired by him while i do my leaflet design.

-Adrian Frutiger, was a typeface designer, influenced the influenced of digital typography, he became well know for creating the typefaces Univers and Frutiger.
I came across Adrian Frutiger at collage, where we did a project where we was asked to design out own type, i found Adrian Frutiger a massive help, within looking at his work, looking at the grid lines to make limitations u can make a defined typefaces.

Using the type provided and my research into the artist and there artwork, i will try layout out the type on a design, then after asking piers opinions i will improve them further and create the front cover to go with it.

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