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Title Sequence

Although we had looked though loads of examples i have to confess i have never noticed them before, or if i did never new they had a purpose so i went through all my DVDs in my room and i found a few that do still have the title sequence or if they don't they where possible at the end of the film. 
I have found that in later films there not that common at the beginning, there normally at the end or not at all, i really wanted to look and find once that where found at the beginning like traditional once we looked at, at the lecture

I found these once really interested me the most out of the films i found:

Love Actually - I felt that with this, this was shown like a diary entry, he was talking in the 3rd person, while the film is acting it, the sound made it calm (simple piano) and to summer it up at the end, he said "love is all around"  

Wild Target - Brilliant Opening Sequence!  it starts of with soft french music, as the sequence moves on the music get more intense with whats happening on the screen, very little filming on the screen but the use of speech from the  character, and extra shouting adds to the funny and wait of the film and whats gonna happen next ?????

Juno - Shouts out as a teen film when the film starts, it starts of as Juno just walks and shes in a 2D affect, but with the music it creates  a peaceful and  wonderful beginning 

Priscilla Queen of the Desert -   original classic film,  opening  scene ,  a man  dressed in drag,  mining to a song about wanting to be free,  and it's all happy and  innocent,  song finishes and you  realise hes just  in a pub singing to drunken men,  coming from dream to reality.  the type, is very glaring and in your face,  a bit over the top, which goes with the film. 

The Italian job -  original classic film,   setting the mountain is taking a casual drive in a fast car,  music is calm and quite slow,  typography very 60s, ( only thing I feel with this title sequence is that it's very long)  launch get to the end credits stops,  the car goes into a tunnel,  and then there's a massive  explosion.

A Single Man -   there is a major crash,  where a man is dead on the floor,  the  main character  (Colin  Firth) slowly walks up to the body,  lays down beside him,  kiss is him on the lips  and then suddenly wakes up in bed.  there is no music,  if anything just natural sounds of him walking,  which adds to the  tension of what's going on in the film,   the font is very simple,  and over pretty quickly.

The Chalet Girl -  very funny film!  the title sequence is basically everything that she can do wrong within the stay as the chalet girl,  which is very funny sarcastic music,  the music changes  when  are good things start to happen and finally the perfect music plays when she falls in love and wins the competition.

 Woman in Black -   teased music,  very faint.  extra sound is added like a fast ticking sound,   which get your heart beating,  dark backgrounds,  where you are unable to see what's behind you or even in front of you.  and then ever so often you get a small glimpse of the lady.  but never in full detail which makes it,  scary and jumpy.

Footloose - the catchy song of footloose, while the credits are playing there is a big party going on, where there all zoomed in on peoples shoes and body parts, where they can feel the music and really move to it, like dance is apart of them !!

 The King's Speech -  the title sequence starts by showing history facts, there is no music it is the sound to start off with,  which is just simply a gentleman speaking  in the radio,  while you hear this you get small clips or zooming of photos of the microphone really talking to the radio.

 Sherlock Holmes -  brilliant films,  teabag effect,   starts off with a small part of the film, like it's a random case,   the baddies called by Sherlock,  photos taken for the news,  and that's where it begins with Fun, uplifting tune  plays,  while they play small parts of the film in a teabag  affect as well as a pen and ink,  showing the  fonts in a very serif script look.

Legend of the Guardian  - simple song, but with each edit had its own little animation scene, the owls would do different scenes from the film, but its done out of some paper shadow texture, which is quite moving, finding your self to watch it all

 Labyrinth,  the edits are shown in a simple plain font (white)  while in the background there is an effect,  in between a magical look or a hallucination,  slowly and owl outline flies in and disappears within each edit change,  working slowly into the film.  music sung by David Bowie.

 Tangled -   before the film actually starts there is a beginning scene,  which shows you how she gets into the state of being kidnapped and living with and evil person who she calls mum that's not, her birth mum.  then the film starts and it goes into a into this big room where she sing and its all up beat, the credits fly on with the music.

The Boat that Rocked - starts being filming during the day, where the radio is boring and life is boring, then  as people sleep the rule breakers come out and listen to the fun radio, (the chunter on the radio was added to this to make it more fun and interesting to look at.

Skins - Set for a group of kids, the beginning is fun, different clips from different episodes, mixed with pattern and music, makes it interesting to watch keeping you looking while the credits are on 

Torchwood -  sci-fi music giving it a sort of   mystery affect, showing different parts in wales where things happen, from different highs, makes it look interesting

Mrs Brown's Boys - although very short, funny. the music is fun and simple, as the Characters puts pictures of the other  characters on the washing line, and then she turns around laughs and then the episode begins, sound boring and simple but its funny.

Family Guy - Brilliant intro, where the song is so catchy, you find your self singing along with it, very much like "The Big Bang theory" the music is so catchy u just have to sing along,  also the characters make  it so much,  he soon begin to know each person's character within the title sequence  before the episode. 

 Miranda -  stop motion effect of when she was little.  she moves towards the camera with  pictures of her when she was little,  to when she was growing up.  nurse though movement with the  upbeat of the music  makes the title sequence  unforgettable. 

 so from doing my only search, and talking to  Anna, we have chosen me few films that we think would really work for our title sequence,  them being:

Miranda - like the stop  motion effect
Juno -  the hand drawn affect
Sherlock  Holme's -  teabag and ink effects
Footloose -  free  to fill the music.
Legands of the Guardian - paper shadow affect 

 these were the main ones that we thought were really good and ones that we could achieve, although a lot of the hand drawing would've been hard work and one that I can see is possible is the footloose. But how we are going to do it is a different question!!!

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