Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Title Sequance

 After watching the new film, i have really fell in love with this film, I'm so glad that Anna agreed to go along with this idea, i think if we can pull it off we can make this look really good 8D

This is screen shots of the opening title sequence, you get a different pair of shoes for each name, which each pair of shoes do a different dance with feet, as well as body shots but there is no edits with those parts

This is something like i would like to achieve for this project 
This is an example of the Old Footloose
This is an example of the New Footloose

This is a very farmer, cowboy style town, i think it would be good if we could get people from Maidstone to do it, it would be amazing to get loads of people to do it, but its finding the people, i think first i will ask people in my class, then maybe as people in the canteen, and if we still need people try town????

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