Monday, 9 April 2012

Leaflet project

The main ideas

First Idea
Within this design i used the columns to create structure to the type, i didn't want to center it all so i put it at an angle. This is good as it is, but the brief says we have to have images, this would make it difficult to place on the page. (Design 1)

Second Idea
With this design i looked at an image i found on the internet, just to grab ideas, looking at the design i created my own design, then within that i placed the type where it would fit and make it look interesting, this still gave me space to place pictures but not for all of the artists. (Design 2)

Third Idea
Looking at Swiss Design, a lot of things where red, so i thought i would try just a simple red background, with the type. i found once i had done this, it would be to bold and illegible for you to read. (Design 3)

I tried the same design in blue and found it much better, easyer to read, and very simple. (Design 4)
Fourth Idea
Looking at another layout design on the internet i designed again to make my own vertion, but i found with this is where the lines where placed in a certain way, i found the text hard to place without having to make it really illegible. (Design 5)
My final design
i wanted to try something in thin columns, from looking at Swiss Design, there is a lot of columns, originally there was no colour just black background and white text, i thought i would try it with colour, which i really like. (Design 6)
From talking to a few people on my course, and asking there opinion on my work so far, i found, they had the same views as me, that Designs 1,3,5 where in need of improvements, or are not 100% suitable to the project, where Designs 2,4,6 where good enough designs to be improved and see if i could improve them enough to become a final outcome.

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